Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A new day...

Hello loved's me. Since the last time I did this, I have had a ton of interviews, lunch meetings with reporters, a couple of photoshoots, wardrobe fittings, meetings with lawyers, accountants, agents, managers, all not necessarily the most fun but definitely necessary.

Last night, which was the night before my first day at work, I went to a benefit for the Heart Share Foundation, honoring amongst others, Cameron Mathison. I went with Jill Larson, Rebecca Budig, Alicia Minshew, and Melissa Claire Egan, Cameron, and his wife. It was the first time that I took pictures with my new television family. It was strange for me, but I don't know whether it was because of the new show, or because I've never been that comfortable with the paparazzi. Anyway, I went because Linda Dano asked me to, and I love Linda dearly. If Linda were 5 years younger, or I were 5 years older, she would be Linda Goldin, because I adore that woman. She said the most beautiful things as she presented an award to Cameron Mathison. I also had some really good bonding time with the ladies of All My Children.

I have to say that everybody told me that the cast of AMC is very warm and loving, and all I can say is that first hand, one by one, I'm seeing just how right everybody was. Walt Willey called me the other night to welcome me aboard. Michael E. Knight was already acting like a big brother when I interrupted his haircut at the studio. Jacob Young gave me a big old bear hug today (my first day) in the hallway as I went down to do my first scenes on the studio floor of All My Children.

Now, I would definitely go into telling you everything that I shot today, but I am sworn to secrecy. I don't know what is in the magazines or isn't, but the story will unfold rather quickly I'm sure. All I can tell you is that I think it is a really good re-introduction to Pine Valley for this character. I'll give you a clue, it took me 20 minutes in the shower to wash all the blood off after I was done shooting. And that's all I can say.

So, I noticed that they did a magazine cover on CBS Soaps In Depth, because I have a big mouth, remember? Supposedly I gave an exclusive interview? I saw the TV commercials they were running on CBS and you gotta love how they showed the cover that says "Gus Dies". The woman announcer said, somebody lives and somebody dies, who's it gonna be? I watched it over and over and laughed.

My first airdate for All My Children is May 2. I came out of the studio door yesterday to a bunch of fans and for the first time in my life, I signed Jake Martin instead of Gus Aitoro. That was surreal. But the good news is they said they had never watched All My Children before, and now they are going to start. Can I tell you something? For me, that's what it is all about. Not all those meetings and showbiz stuff, but the fans. I would not have been able to make this move without all my extended family and fans.

By the way, what did you honestly think of my death on Guiding Light? Was it what you expected? Did the producers live up to your expectations? How was the funeral? I haven't seen it yet. Are you still watching the show?

I had a nice talk with Cady McClain (Dixie) in the makeup room. I'll tell you all about it next time! Until then, I am signing off, I love to hear your comments, your thoughts, your wishes and dreams. Let me know who you would like to see Jake hook up with first in Pine Valley!

Write to me at:

Ricky Paull Goldin
All My Children
320 West 66th St
New York, NY 10023

All my love,

PS: If we have a fan event, would you prefer the AMC weekend or GL weekend?


Heather said...

Woohoo! I've been waiting for this. So happy to hear everything is going well. GL is soo flippin' boring without you. Beth wasn't even on today and I ended up doing other things I was so bored. Can't wait to see you on AMC. You are gonna be great. Always have faith in yourself. You are a super talent. :)

Heather said...

OH, I forgot to respond to this part: I'm undecided about how Gus's death went down. It goes without saying that you did an excellent job. I just wish Harley and Gus had a better goodbye. I just felt like after all the years and ups and downs they deserved more than "You are the love of my life (obviously)" and "I have to go now." It just sucks that they weren't together in the end. Maybe that makes it more poignant for some, I don't know.

mylight2 said...

I have been a GL fan as long as I can remember. When they brought Gus into the picture I was hooked even more. So naturally I was really upset when I heard that Gus was going to die. Now my favorite couple will never get back together. I was hoping for a Gush reunion. I will be waiting for your arrival during my lunch hour when AMC is on. I don't really pay attention to it at all, but now I'll have a reason for watching. You are one great actor and I wish you the best. (In my heart you will always be Gus.)

lighthouse said...

Ricky I would have to say gl weekend it will be hard to see you on pine valley but I will give it a try hey I would like to know where the lighthouse is on gl I am a lighthouse nut. I hope you will be happy with your new role and I will go with you go but I am still going to keep with gl I love them to. love ya lighthouse1965

Susan S said...

Glad to hear you are liking it on AMC. Although I will watch you on AMC you will always be Gus to me. I think you should have your event on the GL weekend for sure but it would be nice if you did one for both GL and AMC weekend.

Shanna said...

Hi Ricky,

Glad to see there was an update! Glad to hear that everything is going well at AMC.

I'm being honest since you asked what we thought about Gus's Death... Gus/and you deserved a better exit than you got! In my opinion No the producers didn't live up to the fans expectations for what Gus's death should have been. The funeral was not that bad.

Since I will be at the GL weekend I would really like your event then so that the "GusH" fans can have the closure that we did not get & so that we can close GL & open AMC.

Take care,


contessa20 said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear that everything is going so well for you, Ricky. You will be SO missed as Gus. *sigh*

I have to say that I HATED your death and funeral on GL. It was really horribly portrayed, in my opinion. It was all just so rushed and matter of fact with little reality or attention to the history of the show. The funeral didn't even show a half filled church; incredibly atypical of someone so loved, honored and revered in the community plus a cop to boot. Many, MANY key characters simply weren't there while other rather obscure and unknown people filled a few seats. I just thought it was so lame. Of course, YOU were wonderful as were many of your former fellow actors; it's just that they didn't give anyone much to work with.

I will be making the move with you to AMC but if you do a fan event I think it absolutely needs to be GL. Gus and Harley one last time.

Love and hugs,

Gina said...

Hey Ricky,

I must say that I already miss you as Gus! I'm sooo sad I wish the soap could have kept you, but I totally understand that you want to try something new and wish you all the best.

Now with that said I was disappointed with your death:

1) they killed you off, you could have just left to go somewhere leaving it open for a return. Here's my plan the FBI faked your death so you could go investigate something and then eventually return to Harley. (Just my plan, a girl can only hope! LOL).

2) Gus and Harley's goodbye could have been better (not in any way your fault - writers) I would have liked to see them have one last night together or something.

3) I kept waiting for Harley to have a massive melt down like she did before when she thought Gus was dead, but still hasnt hapened?

4)Gus' death was rushed it happened so fast, usually these things carry out over a week or so, but this was like 3 days.

5) Gus' death was the same storyline as Richard.

Anyways as you can tell I am not happy in any way how they had you exit the role, but I do wish you all the best in your future role. Your a wonderful actor and will do an excellent job!

Take care,


kerster22 said...

I'm bummed we have to wait until May for your return!

I love AMC and haved watched GL for 30 years (practically from the womb) so it is bittersweet for me to see you change shows. I have high hopes for you at ABC and hope that it brings you lots of happiness.

Mary said...

Congrats on your new gig! Glad you are happy there. I also was not happy with the way they had you exit the show. I definitely agree with Gina who said Gus's death was too rushed. However, the funeral did bring me to tears. I feel so silly when I cry over something on these shows, but man I feel it. My mom has watched GL for as long as I can remember, but I started watching in large part due to Gus & Harley. Loved you guys on there! I have always liked Gus's wit on the show, and I feel like that is more from you than the writing. Is that so? I'm not even sure if 'wit' is the right word.

Claudine said...

Hi Ricky, I'm and AMC fan who used to watch you on AW (never caught Gus on GL, sorry!). Can't wait to see Jake in action. Personally, I'd prefer you to have your event during the AMC stuff, but knowing a large portion of your fans will already be in NYC for the GL events, will understand if you have yours at that time. You can always do a "cameo" at Cameron's or someone else's event for AMC. ;) A lot of actors do that. Michael Knight was famous for dropping in on Justin Bruening & Alexa Havins (ex-Jamie, ex-Babe) summer event. Or maybe you and Michael could have a "Martin Brothers" event? Can't wait to hear about Jake's return (it's been scooped by TVGuide's Michael Logan that he's being held captive in Darfur, and that Aiden "recues" him against Jake's will. Jake's been forced to treat some of the evil troops over in Darfur and doesn't want to see his family or stay in Pine Valley. (Dixie convinces him to - somehow). I wish Dixie were ALIVE and not a ghost, though. Grrr. Still hurting over that action by AMC's ex-writer. Anyway... best wishes on your new gig and I hope you enjoy working on AMC and with your new castmates! PS: I loved Jake & Greenlee back in the day. She used to call him her "Rocky Road" ice cream... he didn't let her get away with the pushy, entitled crap she pulls on everyone else. He gave as good as he got. Very electric. :)

Kate said...

I would definitely prefer your event during the GL weekend, but maybe you could also stop by at someone's event during the AMC weekend. :)

I have mixed feelings about Gus's death. He should have left town; he should have been with Harley till the very end. I hate that his heart went to someone because that means he can't ever return. BUT the whole thing did make me cry. Seeing Harley grieve all last week had me very sad every day. I did like how Gus & Harley said goodbye ("You the love of my life"). I like seeing Harley so motivated to finish her house. The funeral was very moving for me; I cried throughout most of it.

I enjoyed Harley's visions of Gus, but there could have been so much more to them. There could have been the whole episode of Gus & Harley saying goodbye (in her mind). But I loved the heart on the wall and GusH saying 'I love you'. I also love that Gus is waiting for her.

Besides the visions, Harley could have dreamed of Gus during the night, and they could have been happy & making love one last time. She could have woken up with a smile on her face.

Oh, one more thing that has me so bummed... Gus & Harley never had a child together. I don't believe that Gus is sterile. It's a soap, and he could not be sterile anymore with the snap of a finger, lol. I always wanted GusH to have a daughter, and that will never happen now. :(

Can't wait to see you on AMC! I'm already a long-time viewer, so it'll be interesting to see you on there. I think Jake might have some chemistry with Annie. There could be a Greenlee/Jake/Annie triangle. Also, I hope you have some scenes with Cady McClain because I'm a huge fan of hers. Please do share with us your conversation with her in the makeup room. :)

CamperGrl said...

Hi Ricky,
Good to see you again. To answer your question about GL and the death of Gus :( I wanted to see more of you and Harley. I wanted to see Alan tell you good-bye and have the appearance of restored relationship. I wanted this and that but I guess the bottom line is I wanted you to stay with GL.
But, life goes on, either on one soap or another :) Harley and Gus were daytimes best couple. Hope you find that same kindred spirit with your AMC family.
Best Wishes,

Kathy said...

Hi Ricky,

It is always so much fun to read your blogs. It is sort of like you are taking all of your fans with you. :)

I am really glad that you are happy. In the last year or so, I have realized how important happiness is. Life is just too short to get up most days and go somewhere you don't want to go. I hope you continue to have a blast.

I did not like Gus' death but then I did not want them to kill the character. If they had to, I wish Gus had died in a more heroic way. To be honest, it was very hard to watch my favorite soap opera character die. I did like the funeral and I liked that Gus came back to talk to Harley, but I wish it had been more. I have not watched GL since your last day which was Monday. I just don't have the heart to.

As far as your fan event, at this point I am open to either weekend. I don't want to be selfish but the good thing about GL weekend is that I have made so many friends over the years going to NYC that it would be nice to all be in NYC at the same time; even if I boycotted the luncheon. :) Also, let us know if you are still going on the Soap Cruise.

Take care,

Stephanie said...

Wishing you the best on AMC - I've got the DVR ready --

As far as the death of Gus - I feel the writers totally ignored what Gus and Harley meant to us viewers - What they did give us was good - but it could have been so much more -

Best of luck! Can't wait til May!

Heather said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well for you. The death of Gus was soo sad, I wish they would have just had you and Harley leave town together instead of killing you off. The funeral wasn't that great and the first thing I thought was
"wait a minute Harley just threw a big fit about Nat wanting a small funeral because Harley wanted a huge funeral because its what Gus would want and deserved", and there was barely anybody in the seats! I would have expected the whole town of Springfield to be there. I know GL is trying to save some money but come on they could have gotten some fans to fill those seats if they didn't want to pay some extras instead of having only like 10 people at your funeral. Your final days you did great, your a wonderful actor. I have been watching GL since before I could talk but didn't really start to really get into the show until your character was introduced. I haven't been happy with GL for sometime now it just seems like its going down hill and not even worth watching. the show just isn't good anymore because of changes in the characters personalities , writing just sucks, and don't even get me started on the sound and video. I will start to watch AMC from now on and give up on GL.

SherryNC said...

Hi Ricky,

I can't tell you how much you are missed on GL. I am very excited for your new adventure on AMC but I'm not sure GL can recover. Gus and Harley were such an incredible couple with so much soul and passion. Your character was such a huge part of what was "right" with that show.

I hated Gus' death and funeral. It was so rushed. It seemed like they waited until the last minute of your contract to end your storyline with a quick "kill off". The funeral only had about half of the key characters that were involved in Gus' life. I would think that such a huge character in the show would have had a packed church - at least! Beth Ehlers is doing a fantastic job showing Harley's grief. I just wish the writers would have left it open for you to return in the future.

You are an amazing actor with something very special that draws viewers. You deserve continued success - no doubt you will have it!

SherryNC said...

Hi Ricky,

I can't tell you how much you are missed on GL. I am very excited for your new adventure on AMC but I'm not sure GL can recover. Gus and Harley were such an incredible couple with so much soul and passion. Your character was such a huge part of what was "right" with that show.

I hated Gus' death and funeral. It was so rushed. It seemed like they waited until the last minute of your contract to end your storyline with a quick "kill off". The funeral only had about half of the key characters that were involved in Gus' life. I would think that such a huge character in the show would have had a packed church - at least! Beth Elhers is doing a fantastic job showing Harley's grief. I just wish the writers would have left it open for you to return in the future.

You are an amazing actor with something very special that draws viewers. You deserve continued success - no doubt you will have it!

lynel said...

truth i have watched gl once for the last week, but iwatched hate to say this general hospital, lol. My first soap opera i ever liked, lol plus i met jack wagner at 12 yrs old, when he was Frisco, 34 now, lol. Plus been looking for work and i am starting to look in neighborign communities now well kind , minneapolis for one, small town here not much going on but corn! I also have a friend with brast cancer and been trying to help her otu when ican, when my kids are in school anyways, she had a rough week of chemo.

i did see the funeral, it was sad and a poor way to send you away. beth has been doing great. do not have dvr, or anything so well, ineternet too slow to watch on the net, i found out i can't get dsl way out here, lol.

not sure who they should couple you with, there are lot of great actresses on there, hmm. My favorite was babe but she is young but that when alexa was on there. susan, Erika, too old but she is on my favorite a clasic beauty , reminds of one my aunts.

lil_light said...

I always dispise the way someone dies on a soap. And, Gus/your departure was not any different! The people who should of been grieving wasen't. Not even so much as a tear! (thats okay I had plenty of them lol) The funeral was okay. But, the building was empty. (you and harley had lots more at your wedding than you had at your funeral.) One other thing I really disliked was when you was saying your goodbyes.. the people you was saying them too, never, got to hear them. How sad is that?

I am trying really hard to get into AMC. But, I'm finding it awfully hard. But, I wish you the best of luck with it. And, who knows.. maybe Gus ghost can come visit Salem again. *smiles*

Oh and I can't come to any event................. but I wish I could!!!!! *sniff*

PhyllisShnell17 said...

Hi Ricky,

It was great to read your blog today. I'm looking forward to seeing you on AMC.

I'm not sure who I'd like Jake paired with. Julia might be nice, but I'm not sure if the writers are interested in giving her any further story right now. Give me a little more time to decide. LOL

That being said, the relationship I am most interested in for Jake is with Tad. I would love for there to be a strong brotherly bond on the show. Tad needs more relationships outside of his marriage with Krystal. Jake could be instrumental in helping him find his way.

How often to you think you will blog?

Take Care,


P.S. I hope you attend the AMC fan club weekend in August. If you do, I'll see you there.

Gushgl2 said...

Hi Ricky. It is hard to read about you and the people at AMC because to me you are Gus and you belong at GL. But I am so happy that you are being welcomed with open arms there. You deserve it.

I didn't enjoy Gus' death or funeral. You and Beth Ehlers did a wonderful job acting, but The people in charge really messed it all up. Gus and harley were pure magic, and that is because you and Beth Ehlers had a chemistry that was so amazing and that i have never, ever seen in a couple on soaps before. It was a gift and Ellen Wheeler and GL threw it away for Natalia, Olivia and Cyrus. That was a bitter pill to swallow. While all the actors are great, you just didn't share the same chemistyr with Chappell or Leccia that you did with Beth Ehlers, nor did she share the same chemistry with Murray Bartlett that she had with you. So for me, GL split up Gus and harley for nothing. Gus didn't work imo, with Natalia or Olivia. So to have them not only kill off Gus, but to have Natalia and Olivia and Cyrus in the middle of it all sucked, lol. It should have been just gus and Harley.

However, I thank you for seven wonderful years. You are a really nice guy and a great actor, and I wish the best for you at AMC. I am not a huge fan of Greenlee or kendall, so I am hoping you won't be paired with either of them, but Rebecca and Alicia both seem very nice, so whatever happens, I know you will be great. But to me, you will always be Gus. And Gus and Harley, were the best.

JD said...

Hey Ricky :)

This is my first time to leave a comment,so please forgive me if I ramble.

I'll bet your convo w/Cady was interesting!I'd love to hear about that next time.I really loved reading her views re:daytime when she "left" ATWT. (same goes for Scott Bryce)It's such a shame that TPTB are so quick to dismiss actors' opinions (& fans too) about their characters.IMO,an actor that has been portraying someone for ie:five years or so knows better how the character would react than the latest schmo EP/HW.That's what's getting me down with ATWT & especially GL.No one acts like themselves anymore & we're left w/a bunch of morally bankrupt characters that are not worth rooting for.(& how about GL's new theme song?Who are they trying to kid?LOL)

Anyway,I watched most of the Gus death week -what I could stomach- but saved it for later.Intersting that we didn't get any nice flashbacks of you & Harley.I guess that would only remind us how great the show used to be compared to now.You were wonderful as was Beth ,of course :) I missed the funeral though due to weather.I understand Fr.Ray wasn't there.You'd think w/a name like Aituro & Natalia crossing herself all of the time,he would've been.Oh well -.That's not such a big deal in comparison to everything else.
I don't understand the reasoning behind killing off Gus.Was EW just p*ssed at you for leaving?It seems very short-sighted IMO.If they were intent on it,why not in a less "permanent" way? Now there is no chance of Gus ever returning as Gus.& Doubles/twins are just not the same as having the original character.Gush will never be again.Very sad...EW has cut off her nose to spite her face!& for what? a few weeks worth of drama? In a month or so,it'll be business as usual I'm sure.
Almost forgot about the transplant aspect! How ridulous is it for Gus to be a match for Olivia? Just like Richard for Rick? What are the odds? I thought EW wanted realism? Or is she only interested in the mundane? Cassie pumping gas & REAL food in the fridge.I could care less about that sort of realism.I've never wondered if there were actually clothes in Harley's closet.

I'll probably tune in to AMC on SoapNet (after Y&R).It'll be good to see you again :)) I hope you're very happy there & they treat you well. And Rebecca Budig used to play Michelle! Another reason for me to give it a try!

The idea of a Gus/Harley lunch sounds cool.I wouldn't be able to be there,but it makes me happy to think of it :))

Best wishes at AMC!!! Love & miss ya on GL :))

p.s.who would the viewers be better off pestering? CBS or P&G?

Anonymous said...

Watching Gus and Harley with others is like watching Reva and Josh with others. It just doesn't feel right. You know they shouldn't be apart. On AMC, it was always that way with Tad and Dixie. I guess like Tad, Harley will have to move on but I don't see the chemistry with Cyrus. I have been watching AMC for much longer than GL and I'm wishing you all the best as the new Jake Martin. Just as with GL you're going to be surrounded with some incredible actors i.e. Michael Knight, Darnell Williams, David Canary, Jacob Young, Thorsten Kaye. My gosh you'll be acting on the same set as Susan Lucci, Debbie Morgan, Alicia, Cady (albeit temporarily), Rebecca and the list goes on! Wow. It's really becoming a show to watch and they're bringing historical characters back on the canvas. Break a leg kid! I heard about the storyline bringing you back and I can't wait to watch it unfold and your portrayal of this integral character. BTW, the best part of your being on a non P&G soap is that I can watch you on Soapnet! Yeah!

jules said...

Hello Ricky! This is the first time I have ever written you. I love that you are blogging now. It is so great to read your thoughts and learn more about your life, so thanks for doing this. I watch both GL and AMC so I will have the pleasure and luck of not losing you since you left GL. But that doesn't mean I won't miss Gus because I already do miss him terribly. Gus was one of a kind and Gus and Harley together were one of a kind. I am so sad that the couple Gush was not together in the end. So I will have to agree with other posters here and say that the death and the funeral kind of stank. Gus should be alive and with Harley. I don't understand how the show didn't fight to keep you on, but it is their loss. Gus and Harley will forever be the best. I read a comment you made saying that it doesn't get any better than you and Harley, or does it. And I have to say that I agree with the first part of that statement. It could never get better than Gus and Harley, or you and Beth Ehlers. You two were the best there is. Have a blast on All My Children. I hope that Jake puts snotty Greenlee and uptight Kendall in their places. And I hope that maybe one day down the line, a lovely lady comes to Pine Valley in the form of none-other-than Beth Ehlers. I know, it is too much to hope for, but a girl can dream. Good Luck


P.S. My thoughts are with you on the passing of your father. What a neat person he seemed to be. Like father, like son. God Bless

Anonymous said...


I am going to miss you, on GL. You were one of the few reasons I still watch it. Also one of the main reasons I actually started watching it. AMC is lucky to get you, but I don't watch it and I don't even have a clue when it's on. I watch CBS and I'm lucky to even watch those. Best of luck, your going to be missed.

Chaysia said...


I absolutely hate that you are not on GL anymore. The show is not only boring without you but it is going completely downhill. As a fan of GL for almost 30 years, I have never seen anything as horrible as this. I am almost obsessed with getting it back to the old format. I have written letters, emails and postcards. I have also gone so far as creating a petition. Plus any fan of a soap has had a storyline idea or two well I came up with one that would help bring GL back to the forefront and I believe the ratings would go up and the fans would return. I even sent it to GL. Here is a little secret it does not involve the death of Gus however, he does not live in Springfield anymore. That way IF you ever wanted to come back....... although I was told you wanted to leave GL. Whatever the case, "Gus" could come back. Just know that we miss you and if it were up to the fans we would make sure to leave the "light" on for you.

mmh said...

Definitely do an event this year during the GL weekend. Why not still do the cruise, just make it for all the NYC shows like the bowling event. :)

dkmeeker said...

Thank you so much for continuing your blog. Am happy to hear if there is hope for you and Linda Dano there's hope for ME. Ha!!

When I found out they were killing you off and giving your heart to Olivia I just didn't watch that week.

I don't know much about the new soap your on. But am familiar with some of the actors. I will be watching.

Good luck Donna

alisha said...

Hello Ricky! I met you yesterday at the restaurant I work at The Bayard House in Chesapeake City. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness. You were very sweet and i enjoyed talking to you.I wanted to also thank you for the autograph you gave me.
I have been watching the GL for many years and was so sad to see you go, but wish you the best of luck on your new show.
Please come back to visit us, you made all of us smile. I will also be sure to have a shot of Patron chilled :)


Jennifer said...

Hi Ricky,
I miss watching you on GL. When I first heard that you were leaving , I thought there is no way the show will let an actor like you get away. I guess they don't care about how the fans feel. I loved watching you and Beth together. I have been a fan of yours from the very first time I saw you on GL. I knew right away even when you two could not get along that there was chemistry between you. When you two were together it felt real. The way they wrote off you was horrible. I felt like that the show was mad at you for not staying and that is how they paid you back. You deserve better than how you were treated. I hope you find that on AMC. It has been years since I watched. But knowing you will be on has made me want to watch it again. Just hard to get back into it. So many people have changed. I keep watching the clips of you and Harley on youtube. It makes me sad to know that there will never be anymore of those. Good luck on AMC. Take care of yourself.

Goldee1 said...

Hi Ricky- I just want to say that if you have the event with Beth E., you definitely must have it during the GL weekend. It would seem so right to do it then. I'm glad that things are going well for you and that everyone at AMC are giving you a warm welcome. Wishing nothing but the best for you- ALWAYS! W

JessicaVA said...

Hey Ricky! I really hate that you left GL when I realized that you were going to die off the show I cried. I spent much of the week crying during the hour of GL.

I did not care for the way you left the show at all. You should have left and not been killed off. I am really hoping for a comeback because I really love Gus and Harley. I was really looking forward to a reunion and maybe an unexpected baby with the two of you.

However I will try and watch you on AMC. Cannot promise that I will like it but will definitly watch it just because of you.

Good Luck to you Ricky and I hope you will eventually make it back to GL at some point in time.
Until I see you on May 2, take care

Anonymous said...

GL WEEKEND for sure! Ricky, I have to be honest. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the way Gus died and then the events after his death. I think that Gus died to quickly. Bing. Bang. Boom. He's dead. I also thought the time given to Gus and Harley wasn't enough, but I did find it comforting when they declared they were each others true love of their lives. As far as the funeral was concerned, I would have thought that almost everyone in Springfield would have been there! But there was hardly anyone there! So for me, that was disappointing. But you were excellent on the show and you will surely be missed! Good luck on AMC and hopefully I'll see GL weekend!

ShariPoeh said...

Ricky so glad you've been welcomed with open arms at AMC. It will be wonderful seeing you on the show. Knowing that you will be on tv again soon made it easier to get through watching Gus die. I think the writers did a great job, very moving. I will still be a loyal GL watcher as well as AMC ( gotta love soapnet I DVR AMC & OLTL in the middle of the night a watch after I take my kids to school the next day)
I've been watching GL as long as I can remember, its a family tradition starting with my dad's mom she listened the first day it aired on the radio and didn't miss a show until she passed in late 1999 at 103 yrs old, I started w/ my mom as a toddler and now my 11yr old daughter is a watcher too.
I started w/ ABC soaps when I was in JHS but I've only stuck w/ AMC and OLTL, maybe you will eventually get to do a cross-over and work w/ Jerry again?

As far as a fan weekend I think you should do both GL and AMC if you can. unfortunatly for me they always seem to be on the East Coast and never in Southern CA oh well.

I can't wait to see your first air-date. I'm sure I'll love you as much as Jake and we all did as Gus.

hayleyfan said...

Ricky, I'm looking forward to hearing about Cady. I bought her CD (it's in the mail) and am really looking forward to hearing it all the way through. She seems extremely talented and it goes without saying she's beautiful.

I will start tuning into AMC. I haven't watched that show since Nina Palmer was on so I've a lot of catching up to do.

It's always GL but if you are coming down to Naples, FL for the soap event I might see you there.

SuzInAZ said...

I've been watching GL since 1965. I now TIVO it and fast forward through almost every scene except those with Josh and Reva. The whole show is gone to the birds. I hate all the camera angles; half the time they're dark and blurry. I feel sorry for all the actors having to do scenes outside where it's obviously cold. I hate they've taken off so many good characters because they're too cheap to pay decent salaries. I don't think it will be long before both ATWT & GL are off the air.
I've started watching AMC just so I can see you on the show. You're one of my fav GL characters from the start. It's taking getting used to the storylines and I don't much care for the film format of this show either, but at least the storylines go on for a long time and make sense. Can't wait for your debut.

stilesmitchell said...

I'm a big fan. Loved you on the GL, been watching since I can remember (Mom still watches too). Cried all week during the death/funeral scenes. I really didn't think you would be killed. My mom told me you were leaving, but I just never expected this ending, thought maybe you'd leave town and visit later-always Gus and Harley.
I have never watched AMC but plan on watching it to see what you are up to. I really enjoy your acting, it's realistic, believeable, and you're just so darn hot.
Good luck and enjoy the new gig.

Trisha said...

well, this is the first time that i have added anything to your blog. I think you did had a great send off. Though I wish you were not leaving the show. But, I have to say that i actually watched AMC the other day so i guess you have made a liar out of me. To address you question I think it would be a great thing for you GL fans to do a GL weekend. Just while they are getting use to the whole new you so to speak. I'm sorry that I can't come to any I would love to, but I am only 26 married and I have 4 children. So there is not much me money to spend so to speak. But congrats and maybe one day I can afford to fly out and see the cast, I believe it would be a really neat experience. Anyways enough of that have fun and stay out of trouble. That is the advice i always got when I started something new or adventurous. God Bless! Laterz

nikkiliz said...

I BAWLED LIKE A SMALL CHILD. I don't think it was Gus's death that had me crying as much as knowing that I won't be seeing you every day!
I'm definitely going to give AMC a shot.
You deserved to leave in a better way than that. I can't believe that with you being such a strong character that they couldn't have come up with something better than that... ugh!
Anyway, seeing Beth/Harley everyday I feel so bad for her. Not only Harley's character but for Beth not being able to work with you. You can just tell that the two of you had an enormous amount of chemistry!
I can't wait to see you again on AMC. I'm not sure how well I will take it since it won't be Gus, but I will try :)
Take care, and know I think you are fantastic!

ilene said...

I am so sorry that you left GL but am glad that you have started a new job. I don't watch AMC but might try to catch you once in a while. I wish that CBS had done something to keep you on the show, but I guess you might have wanted a change anyways.
I thought you left to do more work on movies. I wish that was the case because you would make a great leading man- you have that kooky side to you, the romantic side, the serious side. You have it all, and should do movies.
I wish you luck on AMC but want to let you know that Gus was a huge part of GL and I can't imagine it without you in it...especially for Beth Ehlers. Gus and Harley should have gotten together again before you left. Harley isn't right with any other man but you.
Right from the beginning when Gus and Harley worked together, and antagonized each other. The chemistry was right there. Gus and Harley have always been one of the most popular couples on soaps. I can't believe that they won't get to be together again. Maybe Gus's twin brother will make it to GL sometime? I hope so. I miss your character already, so much.
I cried and still do cry anytime Harley thinks of Gus. What a loss for the show, and for your fans.
Good luck on AMC, and go do some movies...please!

Evelyn said...

Ricky, I have been a GL fan, since I was a kid, over 30 years ago. Gus was one of my favorite characters. I have to admit, when Gus was first introduced to GL, I really didn't like him much, don't ask me why. But he "grew" on me. I was sorry hear about your departure from GL, but I understand. You have to move on to bigger and better things. I wish you the best of luck on AMC.

As far as Gus' death goes, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm usually not a crier when it comes to movies and soaps. I was just glad that my husband was at work, and I was alone at the time. I was kind of disappointed about one thing though. I was hoping Gus' death would soften up Alan a bit, but no such luck. He still has a heart of stone.

Take care, and best of luck in the future.

Catherin03 said...

Hi Ricky :)

I have never blogged in my life, so you have to know that I truly felt compelled to tell you a few things. First of all, I think that AMC is incredibly lucky to have you. GL will never be the same again.

I grew up watching GL and have now given it up. Once Gus died, so did my love for the show. I cannot bear to watch the characters be destroyed any longer. The new filming is terrible and the storylines (if you can call them that) are getting progressively worse.

I know you wanted our reactions to Gus' death, but I didn't actually watch Gus die. I saw the last scenes between Gus and Harley in the hospital and then that was it for me. But, I can tell you that for just those few moments you and Beth should win an Emmy. Your chemistry and sincerity were incredible.

As soon as you and "Gus" came onto GL, I loved you both. You made Gus such a beautiful and noble character. I still cannot believe that they let you go...

Anyway, I hope that your new family treats you wonderfully and that your future is brimming with happiness. I hope to see you in lots of new projects!

Love, Catherine

Sherriellen T-D. said...

Hello Ricky Paull: Well you, as Gus died a heroic & poignant death on was sad to see you go. Your heart was given to the ever ungrateful Olivia!! (HAHA!!)
I have watched you since your AW days with Linda Dano & Alicia & she were magic together!! Then you came to GL & the story line between Gus & Harley was even more magical. We all want a Gus Aituro in our lives..I used to watch AMC years ago, so I'll have to get reaquainted with that soap again. I won't give up GL tho'. I used to watch it with a patient of mine for years & before Mr. Murray died he made me promise I'd always watch GL. So I will have busy afternoons now, lol. All the best!! Sincerely, Sherriellen T-D. from Canada. said...

Gus died a hero's death, giving his life to save a damsel in distress. In this case, the damsel was a bit ungrateful but, as Frank Sinatra said, "that's life."

Best of luck at AMC.

Tracey said...

WOW! This is my first time posting here and I would like to say that I am happy that everything is working out for you. You are a great actor and will be missed on GL. I was really hoping for a Gus and Harley reunion... that was the whole reason for watching the show. Now I am not sure what I think of it. I had no idea Gus was the one that would "die" so Olivia could live. Anyway, it was nice of Harley to pay for your funeral but she is really having a difficult time letting you go... I would too:). I have never watched AMC before until this week... trying to prepare for your arrival. You are the greatest!

TannerzMom said...

I have always loved watching you on GL. I have always watched only CBS soaps, but I've decided to give AMC a try because I think that you are a great actor and I love watching you! I'm actually watching your 1st episode on soapnet as we speak! I don't know anything about this show, or your new character, but I'm hoping I will be able to catch on quickly.
I didn't like how Gus was killed off GL. I wish that he had atleast been reunited with Harley first. I missed the episode of his funeral, so I don't know how that went.
Anyway, just wanted to say Good Luck on your new venture of AMC and I look forward to getting into a new show and watching your wonderful performances...oh, gotta go, your on right now!

Else said...

Very cool first appearance. I was even happy to see you still had that lovely chain on. I'd buy one for myself if I knew where to find it.
Yes I'm that goofy. Good luck Ricky.
and Blessed Be!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ricky,

You know, GL has been like a second family for me. It seemed that no matter what was going on in my life, I could take 60 minutes a day and lose myself in the lives of the Bauers, Spauldings, Coopers and Lewises. Now, I spend my 60 minutes staring blankly at a shell of the show I once loved.

I appreciate that everyone else wants to be positive and wistful, but I'm pissed. Pissed that the show that has brought such joy to so many of us has been run into the ground. I don't even recognize these characters anymore. Couples have been ripped apart, storylines are arbitrary, characters ruined, etc. It's sad and Gus's death as well as Harley's reaction were simply two more examples of terrible writing and storytelling. You both deserve so much more than that. You deserved a storyline that was true to Gus and Harley and reflected the love you and Beth share. I haven't been able to watch GL since your funeral. Maybe I won't ever watch again.

As for AMC, I personally wish you all the best. I hope ABC treats you with the respect that you deserve. I wish I could say I'd be tuning in, but you'll forever be Gus in my heart. Thank God for Tivo and YouTube, right?