Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forgive me...

Hello, yeah it's me. I apologize for not writing sooner. It is a mad mad mad mad world, a crazy time. We've been waiting for the story to kick in and I think it's finally upon us. I really do feel it's a wonderful creative group of people that I find myself in the middle of. Partly because I have gotten acclimated to the character, but I feel a certain comfort creeping in. I think mostly it's just stepping out onto that set almost every day with the new material, the new writers and my new character.

You have to understand that it's like getting adopted into a new family and already some of the cast members are changing. I was sorry to see Amanda (Babe) leave, because I think she's quite a good actress and not typically daytime. But I do believe you will see her again very soon. And I will be sad to see Rebecca Budig leave, because I was looking forward to a possible Jake-Greenlee story.

But instead of reflecting, let's talk about the newest cast members. JR who plays Brot Monroe is a real life Iraq veteran and a hell of a great guy. Spiritually we could all learn something from this gentleman. Being burned over 40% of your body might lead some to feel like their life has stopped and their master plan destroyed but this guy has risen above it and does motivational speaking across the country, has landed himself a gig on a national television show playing what, an Iraq war vet and is actually bringing it to the table when it comes to performance. This type of human being, this type of spirit makes me want to be a better person and I feel honored to have met him and now have him in my life.

Changing subjects, let's take a poll. or rather, let's hear your ideas when it comes to the soundtrack of All My Children. If you could hear any type of music for any couple on the show, what couple would it be and what music or band would you choose? Right now, for Jake and Taylor, in my mind at least, I'm going through my Snow Patrol and 'The Fray' period, but I'd love to know what you think.

I've decided that Jake Martin is going to stay in town for a while. So I'm going to have him take off his pants and black t-shirt under the scrubs and dress like a normal doctor. I'm done with trying to funk it up. I think the end result just looks stupid. Opinions??? Hello is this thing on??? Anybody??? If there's a piece of jewelry you want me to wear, send it into the show, it doesn't have to be expensive, I'll try to wear it for you. Also, we're about to set up a fan event for the week that AMC throws their fan club event, but I'd like to make it exciting for all that attend. If you're not familiar, when I was over at CBS, we did a big event every year, on a bus, or even a yacht. Next thing I was going to do was charter an airplane for a mystery flight but before we set it stone, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

How are you liking the beginnings of this Jake and Taylor storyline? I promise you I do read the responses because ultimately you are the end user so to speak. And I want to see you happy.

Changing subjects, last month, I went to sing with the Bradley Cole band and had a blast. A lot of the Guiding Light cast and crew was there. Although I have my favorites, I do believe there were several people there that were not thrilled to see me. Because I left the show when I did, perhaps fingers can be pointed or I can be blamed at least in part for whatever Guiding Light's fate will be. Or perhaps it's because when I hosted the red carpet for the Emmys for ABC, I interviewed several members of the Guiding Light cast and foolishly said it was the "little show that could". When you are hosting a live show, you are under a certain amount of pressure, with an ear piece in your ear, and producers barking out commands. but let me go on record as saying that I did not mean that to hurt any body's feelings or slam the show in any way. I love that show, it was a huge part of my life. As long as was there, CBS was very good to me. I would like to think that I gave that show some of the best years of my life. And not for nothing, the story of "The Little Engine that could" was an inspirational story, one of hope and desire and strength to move forward against any and all obstacles. It's not a secret that the show is struggling along with most of the other daytime shows. But again if I offended, I apologize.

I'll shut up now. Thank you for your continued support. And I'll check in again before Thanksgiving. I have a lot to say about Super Soap weekend, so stay tuned!

All my love,

PS Please write me with your ideas!!!

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