Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meeting all of you!

One of the best things about being an actor is meeting my fans. I have met so many over the years and it was always great to hear what you think, what you like and don't like, what you want more of. That's why I did a lot of appearances and events in my seven years at Guiding Light. I'd like to do the same with All My Children.

I'm thinking about teaming up with Beth Ehlers during Guiding Light's fan club weekend and inviting all of our "Gus and Harley" fans to meet us somewhere, for a lunch or drinks. To chat about what fun we had creating one of the top super couples of soaps. And there's no one better to do that with but all of you! So what do you say, are you interested? Do you have any ideas? I've been told it's in September this year, so mark your calendars and if I get enough responses, it's a date...

I'd also like to do something during the All My Children weekend in NYC. I have heard that is in August? Anybody been before? Are there any special events? If I were to put on one at night, with some of the other cast members from the show, who would you most like to meet? I've also been invited to join the "Soap Star" cruise in January 2009, so keep your eye out for details on that...

I've just been informed that my first official tape date for AMC is April 8th. I should be airing at the end of April, beginning of May. I don't know when my final air date is for Guiding Light, but I am going to find out! In my final weeks of freedom before I start my new journey, I plan to take my mother to Europe for a little shopping and relaxation. It won't be long before I'm thick into storyline and can't get away so easily.

That's it for now, let me know your thoughts on getting together, I want to spend some time with all my fans, old and new, very soon.

All my love,



Shanna said...


That would be so great if you & Beth teamed up for an event for GL Weekend. Count me as one that would attend! (All I ask, please be wheelchair accessible LOL) The GusH fans would appreciate this so much!

Can't wait until you begin on AMC, looking forword to it.

Have fun with your mom.

Take Care,


funtangirls said...

Well you KNOW I'll certainly try to make any event you plan. Here's the actual dates for the weekends you mentioned:

AMC Fan Club Luncheon - Sunday Aug. 17
GL Fan Club Luncheon - Saturday Sept. 27
Soap Cruise - Jan 22 - 26, 2009

I'm already hoping to attend the 2 luncheons, the soap cruise is probably outta my budget, especially this year :(. If you do plan some type of event for either luncheon weekend, you know I'll be there if possible (not that you want to "meet" me again, lol) I'll even help work it if you'd like. But please, please, PLEASE whatever you set up, could you make it for the Saturday nights or sometime on Sunday because it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to get Fridays off from my real job.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but AMC and OLTL do their luncheons the same weekend, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday, so you might want to take that into consideration when making your plans.

Here's the links for information on the different events:

AMC Luncheon
GLFC Luncheon
Soap Cruise

As always, thanks for the updates, we love hearing from you and look forward to the next one..... and even more so - seeing you again.


gushfan26 said...

Hey Ricky,
You can definitely count me in, at this event. I'd love to be able to reminisce about GusH, with you, Beth and my fellow GusH fasn.

I'd appreciate it, if it was at all possible for everyone to meet somewhere wheelchair accessible. I'm not sure what day you had in mind during the GL weekend, but Saturday or Sunday works best for me.

Thanks for letting us know about this and about when you'll first air on AMC. I will miss seeing you on GL very much, but look forward to seeing you on AMC.


lynel said...

would love to see you unfortunately, i live in Iowa and a single mom of 2 disabled kids, and have to find the sitter plus win the lottery, but i would if I could, would love to. One kid has spianl muscualr atrophy type 3 and the other had subdraukl hematoma at a daycare center, they were not watching him! but all in all, would love to, who know.

Kate said...

It would be awesome if you and Beth planned an event during GL's fan club weekend!! I've never been to any soap event, so I've never met you or Beth (or anyone). I love you and Beth so much, and I write fan letters to you both often. It would be a dream come true to meet you guys, especially at a special GusH event. I believe I would do anything I could to be able to attend.

It'd be great to attend your AMC event, but I don't think I can make it. Bobbie Eakes is the one from AMC I'd love to meet the most.

Can't wait to see you on AMC!

Shari said...


Yes, yes, yes! I would love to go to a GUSH lunch! That would take a little of the sting out of you not being on GL anymore! Please let us know...I'll definitely be there!


patdonk said...


This so softens the blow! I would absolutely pass out to have drinks with you and Beth!

I can only hope you'll indulge us one more time and slip back into character and tilt your head slightly and give that knee-weakening look to Harley---the one where you look at her like she's simply the most precious thing on earth!

You invitation has made my day!

Best to you at AMC,

chris said...

Count me in!Went once to the GL luncheon and it was a blast. I went to you and beth first and she washanding out tatoos( maybe a copy of your own)She said " Hey heres a tatoo - maybe you'll get L**d- it worked for Ricky!"- we bust out laughing. Was cool-though- got to talk to Zimmer about the theater companies I work for,etc- So to answer your Q- yes,would love some sort of send off party for the two of you- as others have noted it would soften the blow and be a cool thing to do mixed in with seeing theater in Manhattan. Again,best of a dream world Ithink many of us would like to hear Beth is joining you on will tell.
Christopher K

dkmeeker said...

Would absolutely love to meet you and Beth. Love your blog. Hope you can keep it going with your hectic schedule. Take care Donna

Kathy said...

Hi Ricky,

I was going to cancel my plans to attend the GL fan weekend but if you and Beth do an event, mom and I will be there. Mom turns 73 years old today and when she heard you were leaving GL, she said, "I don't know about you, but I don't have any reason to go to NYC this year." At this point, I guess we are more Ricky fans than GL fans. :)

We are considering coming in August but I am not sure yet.

The soap cruise is interesting to me, because two tickets to that are about $1500 less than I spent in NYC last October. NYC has got to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom in Europe. The older I get the more I realize how precious time with our family is.

Thanks for the wonderful updates.

God Bless,

Cait said...

I'd love to see you and Beth Ehlers at the GL fan weekend! I'm gonna have to check out AMC now that you're on, but you will definitely be missed in Springfield. Even though it will be sad, I can't wait to see your final scenes with Harley as Gus air.

Best of luck to you! And keep writing. I love reading your posts. :]

funtangirls said...

Scratch what I posted yesterday.....Sunday is the only day you can completely count on my presence.
(I need a new job :( ::sigh::)

Heather said...

Enjoy Europe. And come back to VA again! 2 times I could have came and met you while you were in VA and I didn't (shame on me).

Heather said...

I am so saddened to hear that "Gus" is going to die! You will truely be missed--you are one of my favorite soap stars! Best of luck at AMC!!

Brandi said...

Hey Ricky,... I LOVE reading your blogs. Thanks for doing them. =)

I will definately be around for GLFC Weekend. And if you & Beth have a fan event,... i'll be there with bells on,... maybe literally, lol (I'll take'em off the elf hat u gave me in Baltimore, lol). Lunch or drinks is fine,... maybe both,... and if Beth gets a lil tipsy and grabs my face and kisses me like she did at Blondie's, then hey, all is good! LOL!

I'll make my co-horts come with me,... so there might be 6 of us, possibly more. *shrug* lol.

You set up the event, i'll drag the people. =)

Peace & Love,
<3 ~Brandi~

Nicole said...

Wow- lots of people with challenges here. My son has autism so I understand lynel!

You know, i live in Colorado but have always had dreams of coming to the luncheon..... I might just have to make that happen if you guys do lunch or drinks.

I miss you already--- I think your last airdate is today!

HipsHoney said...

Even though I doubt I can afford the trip to NYC to see you's guys...I think its a great idea for you and Beth to have a get together for sure. I will miss you terribly on GL, the show is getting soooo bad with all the changes and sl's that suck...I digress. I wish you the best always, and love your spirit.
"May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide you all the way on..."
The Incredible String Band

Nicole said...

Don't ever underestimate the power of what you do.
They showed Gus after the accident today...I have to say that I'm glad they didn't actually show the accident (I don't know, maybe they will Monday.) I got teary. I can tell that next week is going to be trying. It is going to be really hard to let Gus go!

patdonk said...


Today was awful---seeing you taken in to Cedars. I used to TiVO everyday, watch and delete. Now I can't delete because at least this way I can keep seeing Gus when I need a fix.

I so wish you weren't being killed out and that we could hold out hope that one day you would return.

I find myself hanging on your every word, studying every expression....knowing it's all ending.

I hate change!


Anonymous said...

I would love it if you and Beth planned an event for all your GUSH fans! I'd definitely be there! Thank you for thinking of us as you depart GL and head for AMC! Look forward to seeing you in September!

All the best,

Susan S said...

Hi Ricky,
This is Susan and Connie from New Orleans. We really enjoyed seeing you in the Orpheus parade. Thanks for the beads. Can't wait to join you for the soap cruise in Jan. We will start watching AMC just for you. We would love to see you for the GL weekend as well. Whatever event you and Beth set up, we will definitely be there. Also as Brandi said we will drag some people with us and tell anyone we know about it. The GL weekend would not be the same without you and your event. We also hope to see you at the Star's and Strike event that some of your AMC cast mates usually attend.
Love Always

CamperGrl said...

Just saw the preview for Monday's show. I am busy looking for my black dress and hoping after a winter's hibernation (a.k.a. weight gain) that I will be able to wear it to the funeral of Gus :(
My all time favorite couple were Gus and Harley. So sorry it didn't work out for you to stay with GL but wishing you the best at AMC.
I have added your blog to my favorite list and will be sure to check on you.
Take care,

Chelsea said...

Ricky -

I am SO sad that you will be leaving Guiding Light. You are a wonderful actor that brought not only the drama that soaps are known for, but you brought humor in your charactor of Gus. You will be greatly missed by your fans! I know on Monday, your final episode, I will be sobbing. I wish you all the best in your new 'gig' :) and plan to keep an eye on AMC to see the progression of your charactor. Good luck to you Ricky and I expect to see amazing things from you!!

All my love and support, always,

23 y/o
Pittsburgh, PA

Anonymous said...

This is too cool... to get to blog you. Seriously, I was devestated to hear you are leaving Guiding Light(my fears were realized in the drugstore checkout)ha.ha.Any how, GL is the only soap I watch(between work, school, and raising my son). The only reason I watched was because of you. But, good luck and best wishes from me and my mom. Maybe you'll someday come to Cleveland,OH?

lynel said...

wpuld love to go see you and Beth if there was any possibly that i could, i would do so. USe to have family in NY that both worked at teh GE building but they both transfered to Florida, lol.

Well ty nicole a child with autism is tough, hey you know april is autism awareness month.

Meant to say my daughter who is 14 has Spinal muscular atrophy, my typing skills are not there, lol. sorry all, is anyone wants to know what that is just look it on on the Muscular dystrohpy website. I feel a whole lot better today had a rough day that, my daughter feel needed help up and she is almost as tall as me about 5'8, I was feelign stressed cause i had tto go get help! sorry ricky and everyone!


Anonymous said...

I took a couple of days to go to the beach, but I still found a TV nearby where I had a strawberry adult beverage and watched GL on Friday, the day of the accident. I have been crying watching your last scenes with each actor, and of course I cried on Friday, and I'm very, very sad about this coming week. I will miss Gus on GL, and I am very sad to think that Gus and Harley can never be together now. If there can be a way to come back, please, please do.

CINDY said...

Hi Ricky,
I just found this blog, I think its great that you are involved with your fans, I have to say, I will truly miss Gus, I cant believe you are going, I always looked forward to seeing Gus and Harley, It was kinda weird with Natalia. But why did they have to kill you off?? If ya just left, you could come back once in a while for a visit. you leaving is like if Josh or Reva would leave....a HUGH hole in the show. But I wish you good luck in everything you do.

Goldee1 said...

Hi Ricky- I am really going to miss seeing you on GL. You are going to be sorely missed! This is going to be a tough week saying goodbye to "Gus". You can count me in to attend any event hosted by you and Beth E. in September during the GL fan weekend. I'll be there. It will be a proper way to say goodbye and for you to say hello to the new fans. I wish you nothing but the best on your new career move. I know that you are going to be great because you are an amazing person blessed with many talented gifts. "AMC" are so lucky to be getting you as part of their family. I'm thinking f attending the Soap cruise in January. It would be a perfect start to celebrate my birthday. And I know that its your birthday that month also. I have a lot to work out, but I think that I'll be there. This would be my first cruise also. But hey, I am so happy for you. I wish you nothing but the best on this new and exciting journey that you are about to venture on. I'll keep you in my prayers. Take care and God Bless!! W

Goldee1 said...
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Jessica in Maryland said...

Dear Ricky,
Huge GL fan here. I've enjoyed your portrayal of Gus so much! I love Gus/you and I'm going to miss you being on the show SO MUCH. Gus was such a 'real' character. So warm and kind with a great heart. So real. I've been having a hard time watching the last few weeks, knowing Gus' demise. I am so upset with the show for killing Gus off. Why did they have to do that? I know you chose to leave, but don't kill Gus! Gus deserves so much better. I've loved you and Beth Ehlers together, and am so sad that it's ending this way. I'm so sad you're leaving (and being killed off), that I'm really in mourning. I'll miss those beautiful, brown eyes and little head tilt. I'll miss those great kisses you plant on the ladies too! Whew! ;-)

I would love to have a get together with you and Beth. You two were the best daytime couple. Try and do it on a Sat. or Sunday. I have a family and can't get away thru the week. I already asked my hubby if I can go. Ha. He works from home and he's had to hear me complaining about Gus' demise since I found out. We both called GL and voiced our opinion about you. This is right up there with their HUGE mistake to kill Phillip.

I wish you much success on AMC. I can't guarantee that I will watch everyday, but I will check you out in your new role. I may be in the market for a new soap if GL keeps killing everyone off. Ok, I'm off to cry now!

Love and appreciatae you forever,
All the best, Ricky
Jessica in Maryland
Age 39 (GL forum I go to. Check out what we're saying.)

lynel said...

oh my todays show was so sad! they killes you, Gus, off with a head injury wow. I thank God my son did not die from his head injury years ago, but GL is just a show. but it kind of hit home, he fell down hard stair and landed ona cement floor at a daycare center, it was bad. He could not eat anything for over a week, was in and out consciousness for 48 hours, he also had like 5 siezure the same day the fell happend. so I admit i just cried,but i am ok, just brought a little bit back for me.

well, good luck on AMC, i am sure you will be great, not sure if I watch Gl much more, but there are still some characters I really like on there, but I also watch GH, lol. well god Bless you and good luck again.

from Iowa, the land of many farms, lol

victoria said...

I am devastated!! I love the character of Gus, and even more the acting of this fine man, and he's not too bad on the eyes either. Guiding Light has always been my favorite show but Im going to have to tune in to All My Children and catch him there. This is definitely GLs loss and AMCs win. I wish you much luck in your future Ricky.

victoria said...

I am devastated!! I love the character of Gus, and even more the acting of this fine man, and he's not too bad on the eyes either. Guiding Light has always been my favorite show but Im going to have to tune in to All My Children and catch him there. This is definitely GLs loss and AMCs win. I wish you much luck in your future Ricky.

Lit said...

Hi Ricky,
I am a long time Gl fan and you and Beth Elders were one of my main reasons for watching it! Considering the lack of continuity and storyline development on Gl currently I say your exit was in the nick of time! I will be looking forward to watching you on AMC and I hope they pair you with Annie! I know it can be difficult to be recast for a character on any show and soap fans can be unforgiving but I really wish you much success in your new endeaver! I will be watching and cheering you on!

hayleyfan said...

I loved you as Dean on AW, Dean and Jenna, such a cute couple. I was so glad to have you join GL to work with Beth Ehlers. You and BE made a great super couple because you are both such terrific actors. We will miss you. Can't attend NY events as I'm in Sarasota, FL but if an event comes here (Naples, perhaps)I plan to budget for that.

petoola said...

Ricky, seriously I don't know how you and Beth and Jessica all made it through the last few days on GL that we are seeing now. It has been incredibly sad for us to watch. You all did such a wonderful job, it's just SO real.
I really wish they hadn't decided to kill Gus off. This is torture!

I'll be SO glad to see Jake on AMC.

Amy Cook said...

Noooo, you can't die. Oh foohy you did. Ah man, this stinks. Whyyyyy? Oh your going to another soap? Hmmm, Where? All My Children, ok, whats going to be your new story line? Ok, I will turn the channel...Hey your not there yet! When? Immmm waiting. Can't wait to see you again. Good luck with your new role. We LoVe what you do! If you did not do it so good we would not watch! But we do! Thanks for the memories at G.L. lets make some more at A.M.C.

Amy Cook
Jacksonville, Florida

Goldee1 said...

Hi Ricky- I saw today's episode of GL and did nothing but cry through out the entire show. The emotions that everyone portrayed were felt by me & I'm sure by the entire viewing audience. It was so sad. I hope that I'll be able to watch GL the rest of the week. I don't know if I can take it. It's just very heart wrenching. And the fact that this is the 2nd anniversary of my mother passing away this week is not helping. Everyone did a phenomanel job on a sad ending. Bravo to you all!!! W

Lisa said...

Hi Ricky,
I wish I could come to the lunch in Sep. with you & Beth. That's great that you'd come back 4 that!
I did get to spend some time with you guys in Sep. of '05 @ Kings Dominion. I lived in Richmond, VA at the time so I couldn't miss it!
I like to think you remember looking down & smiling at me when you guys were on the Main Street Stage at the end of the day. I was the one with long, blonde hair & a big smile just in case you remember! We all hate that Gus we can't even hope that you'll come back. I can't promise that I'll start watching AMC, but I will for sure check it out just for you. Has anyone ever told you that you are drop-dead GORGEOUS?

GUS & HARLEY 4ever!!

Much Love,
Lisa in Columbus, OH

Kate said...

Oh, I totally agree with Lisa... You are such a gorgeous, attractive man. I'm blushing a little right now for saying that. :)

Hope to meet you and Beth in September! An event with you two would be so much fun. :)

Debbie said...

So sad to see Gus leave us on GL...but looking forward to seeing you in your scrubs over there on AMC. The Dr. is In and the patients are lining up!!

Wishing you good luck and love,


Native Pride said...

I cant believe Gus has left Guiding Light... I love the show. Gus and Harley made the show, it was devastating when they seperated, but to remove Gus from the show......UGH!!!!!! I cried like a baby...Good Luck on AMC....have fun with your mom

creampuff2869 said...

Soooo totally bummed you're leaving The Guiding Light!!!!I've been watching it since I was 8 years old(w/my mom,I'm now 39).I just caught up today(DVR)and you DIED!!!!! I am devastated!!!!!You are AWESOME!!! How am I gonna get my Gus fix??? I've been a faithful CBS soap fan for 31 years, don't think I can change now!!! Maybe you can come back someday as Gus' twin, stolen @ birth!!! That would be cool,and very soap-like...anyway, good luck(flat-leaver)(old child-hood saying,don't know if you're familiar) Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ricky,

My name is Sarah and im from Ohio. & i just wanted to let you know that i will watch you on AMC, i have never watched anything except Guiding Light, and its the only one i watch, but i guess i'll have to make an exception for you =). You have been such a great actor on GL, so im sure AMC will be the same. Good Luck to you, and im sure i will be writing back

Best Wishes

Pam Mylin said...

I don't know how I'd EVER get to New York from Fla but it sounds like a fantastic idea. I'll always be a Gus & Harley fan in my heart. At present, I think most viewers of GL are still dealing with Gus's death. (It was yesterday April fools think they planned THAT?) Anyway best of luck to you. You're a gifted actor and what I love best about you is you're real, and you give back to the fans. THAT is Awesome.

annette said...

I have never posted here before, but after watching your last air date on GL, it moved me.

I have lost many friends in my life that have disabilities like myself..using a ventilator.

You acting for the last show was very touching and wonderful

I wish you well at AMC.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled you landed a gig on a daily tv show, but bummed you won't be on GL. You'll be missed.

If you ever roll into the corn fields of Illinois let me know and I'll be there.

Keep moving forward. -Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ricky,
I've also been watching GL since I was a kid, coming home from school, planting myself on the couch to catch up with the Bauers, Coopers, Spauldings, Lewises. I'm 39 years old, and haven't "written to a soap star" since I was probably 14 years old, and hopelessly smitten by the Phillip and Beth lovestory. I'm sure I had that postcard reply from Grant Aleksander taped in my locker til graduation.

But I wanted to write today to tell you that I loved watching you on Guiding Light. As Springfield said goodbye today,I was almost relieved that this terrible sadness was over...Only to see Gus appears to Harley in Monday's episode. Yikes.

You and Beth Ehlers have been magic together, and I think that the storyline when Gus refused to give up on Harley when she was in prison, the drug addiction, and Gus and Harley's final scenes together, have been some of the best acting I've ever seen on tv. But there have been dozens and dozens of scenes over your years on GL, when just a simple look said so much. You truly were soaps' Most Irresistable Couple.

I can't promise that I'll become a loyal viewer of AMC. But I'll definitely peek in once in awhile. And I'll be watching your website to catch more details about a fan greet with you and Beth in the fall. Best of luck to you! Meg

koflash said...

I am so sorry that you will not be on GL any hoo! You are so cute! Ha....I will try to catch you on your new and Harley were great sad! I didn't know that you were leaving until you died!!! I said...NO Way! Then I had to google you...ha! Best of luck with the new gig...will miss you as Gus!

God Bless!

gojimmyjohnson said...

Hi Ricky, I am going to miss you on GL....I have watched the show for years. You were awesome on there! I wish I could attend the event in NY, I live in Florida and thats a little to far. I wsh you could attend the Soapfest in Marco Island in May, my sisters and I will get to go there again this year. I truly wish you the best.


one more barking said...

I have been watching GL since 1968 (gasp!!), and Gus and Harley are hands down my fav couple of all time. I will miss you on GL, but have decided to follow you on over to ABC. Time for a change, and besides that I need my Ricky fix everyday. Love you and would love to meet you and Beth.

jenbruiser98 said...

Ricky, This is Jen from the helicopter ride (don't know if you remember me or not). I was also on a tour of the studio last year with Beth when we ran into you. You and Beth are my absolute favorites and I think that you should DEFINITELY have an event. It would be wonderful! I know that you would have a huge number of attendees. My vote is YES..DO IT :)

Heather said...

I hope you are enjoying your time off and I can't wait to follow you to AMC. Lots of love to you.

sweetgapeach said...

Hello Ricky,

I am so sorry to see you leave GL. I DVR every episode and I've kept some of the last ones.

I'm so happy they let you and Harley have some sweet, tender and friendship moments. I'm also glad that you told her she was the love of your life and reminded us the house your built for her. Anything different would have been just as WRONG as the events that transpired to your leaving. I still cry when I watch those final episodes. I hope they allow Harley to carry on with dignity.

I started watching GL with my recently deceased grandmother at the age of about 8. I was a big fan of the Phillip/Mindy and Rick/Beth quadrangle.

You and BE were by far my favorite couple and I've already figured out how you could come back one day. See, the heart Olivia missed while in the park, she didn't really miss it; and your passing was a rouse so you could do undercover work or something to protect your family (perhaps Harley because of Cyrus).

However, I would love to attend any event that you and/or BE were at. I live Raleigh, but I'd drive to NYC with a friend.

I must confess that I've never watched AMC, but I will now just to see you. As far as GL, because of this, they're slipping down on my DVR list. I would like to see what happens with Harley.

I would love to see a touching "will" read in which you not only leave things to Harley and the kids, but leave a nice recently updated statement proclaiming your love and closeness to her. The GUSH story deserves at least that much.

Best wishes to you and your mother in Europe; that makes me respect you even more. I have a young son that I'm raising on my own, and I hope he grows up to think of me in that way, I try my best.

If you're ever near Raleigh, give me a shout and we'll take you to a Canes game.

All my love and best wishes,
to email me back, simply add "here" at ”hooya” to the end of my user name.

rpgfan4life said...

I think the idea of you meeting some of your fans is a great idea. The closest I have ever been to a celebrity is 7th row at an Aaron Carter concert.

Marvy said...

Hi Ricky!

I just had to will be missed on GL. I've watched it for years...(inherited from my mom )so believe me when I say...I’ve been a fan for a while... smiles. I have not cried as much watching a soap as I did during the end of your was an unbelievable performance. We wish you best of luck on AMC and yes...for the first time I will follow an actor to their next location. You are a great actor and we can not wait to see you soar on AMC.

Blessings to you Ricky!!

ktea said...


What a great person you are. I just stumbled on your blog and as a fan, I want you to know that I appreciate being appreciated. It's refreshing to know that you don't take your success for granted.

Count me in for anything you and Beth decide to do with or for your fans. I'm a jersey girl so getting there is not an issue.

Thanks again for your kindess and best of luck in your new role, you deserve it. Now that I found your blog I'll be checking in frequently.

Take Good Care,