Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts from the top of a mountain...

Everybody tells me that I should take off to an island...clear my head out. My friends that know me well ask what I'm doing to get Gus out of my head, out of my body. I thought about it and actually would love nothing more than to escape off to Australia or Turks and Caicos, or to be walking on the topless beaches of St. Barts. But instead I decided to go to Arizona. That is where I am writing from right now.

This afternoon I went hiking to the top of a mountain, to sit up there and do some thinking. The name of the mountain was Squaw Peak. When I got up to the top, all I could think of was, How the f**k am I going to get down from here? Let's put it this way, I should have used sunscreen, I got burnt like a lobster. In all seriousness though, it is beautiful...I'm staying at the base of Camelback mountain.

Tomorrow, I'm jumping in the car and driving towards San Diego, and Capistrano, going to head up the coast finally towards Los Angeles, and end up in Hollyweird. I'm going to LA to see some old friends, and say goodbye to a few CBS executives and hello to a few ABC executives. I do have plans to have dinner with my agent and management team, to thank them for all their hard work these last few months. And I also have plans to sit down with a few ABC execs while in town to talk about other ways that I can bring value to their network. We'll discuss a few new show ideas, and although I'd love to tell all of you (my extended friends and family) what those ideas are, we have a few spies reading this blog.

Recently, I was told off by the publicity department from whence I came that I said too much in my blog last time. All that has done is make me want to tell you more. No disrespect to a certain magazine that I promised an exclusive to, because what I promised was not to talk about how I left Guiding Light, or what exactly happens to my character (although it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out), but as usual they always underestimate you, our audience. For example, continuity, character history, storytelling, ALL very important, good story and good writing being the most important of all. But getting back to what I was saying about the exclusive interview, I never not once ever spoke about or hinted about how I depart Guiding Light. I only talked about the future, the new show, the new network, the new gig, the new character. I only talked about the endless possibilities and my excitement, highlighting my new cast mates. So as far as I'm concerned, I really don't know what they're upset about. I honored my gentlemen's agreement because all you have at the end of the day is your word.

On that note, I will reach out to you next weekend, on Easter Sunday and check in with all of you. For those of you that watch The Young and The Restless, I am planning to have dinner with Christian LeBlanc tomorrow night in LA. And by the way, before I left New York, Beth Ehlers and I popped into Martha Byrne's (As The World Turns) going away party. Apparently she's going on to new adventures herself. By the way, I saw Michael Park there, and he was hounding me about our next gig, definitely something to think about.

So I'll talk to you all next weekend. I'm going to sign up for a gym in LA, so I don't show up looking like a porker in Pine Valley!

All my love,

PS: Check out my new official fan site at http://rickypaullgoldinfans.yuku.com!


funtangirls said...

Porky? You? NEVER!!

Thanks for the update - couple of questions tho.....

1 - How exactly did you manage to get Gus outta your head? (because I'm thinking that quite of few of us will need to follow suit.....)

2 - How the f**k did you get down? (off that mountain) :P LOL!

Have fun in LA with your buds!

Lone Palm said...

Many thanks for the update Ricky! I echo funtangirls request in wanting to know how, exactly, you managed to get "Gus" out of your head...because I know he is stuck in mine as well (and forever anchoring a place in our hearts).

I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and find that it brings you both peace of mind and rejuvinated spirit!

I do hope that the CBS execs know exactly how much that they have "lost" with your exit from CBS Daytime/Guiding Light...

You a porker...nah, never gonna happen, and I can hardly wait for your first appearance in Pine Valley.

Anyway, Godspeed to you as always.


Debbie said...

Yes, they certainly did underestimate the viewers. As soon as whispers were heard that you might be leaving, we knew EXACTLY what was going to happen. As you said, one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to join the dots. Silly people!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip out West.

petoola said...

I'm really not looking forward to Gus' exit. It's going to be so sad and SO hard to watch.

Yes please do share how you get Gus outta your head. Although I hope you don't completely get Gus outta of your heart. He's way too special of a guy and that had a lot to do with you!

That sounds like a great trip you are having, to help clear your head. If nothing else you're getting away from the drab dreary winter, which has got to be good for you. I think we are all going to need a trip like that once Gus's days are over on GL.

Enjoy your free time!!!

Chrissy said...

You're awesome! What else is there to say...
except - wherever you go, I go... ALWAYS!
I love you and miss you!!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Shanna said...


Thanks for the update. I too echo the request, how exactly will you get "Gus" out of your thoughts because like so many he will be in mine & forever have a place in the heart.

I hope you enjoy your time in Arizona & hope it brings a rejuvinated spirit & tranquility for you.

As much as I will hate to see Gus's exit. They certainly did underestimate the views, we all pretty much figured what would happen for Gus when the whispers of your exit began.

I will echo the sentiments, I also hope that CBS execs realize exactly what they "lost" with your exit from Guiding Light & their network.

A porker?.... that's never going to happen.

Take care,


Heather said...

You will definitely be missed on GL. I've been a long time watcher of GL and the show just seems to be going down hill so I don't mind tuning into a new show to watch you in a new character. Good Luck! And enjoy your Trip.

Kathy said...

I am really enjoying your updates. It is very nice of you to share your journey with us.

As far as GL goes, the last several years, it has not been hard to figure how the story would go. Simply pick the most shocking story you can think of and guess what, that's the story.

Watching Gus today, I started crying because I know the end is near. I do truly believe that every ending is also a beginning so as I begin to mourn Gus I can't wait to meet Jake.

Hope the rest of your trip is fun and everything you need.

And how about that concert with Michael Park? :)


chris said...

I am a gay male age 34 and have watched GL since i was 7 or 8- the fact that you're leaving BLOWWWWSSS! but if you're on the titantic and someone offers you a boat...hehehe. It is really criminal the way Gus and Harley have been handled- my only hope is that your last scenes are with her and not the other ladies...who are lovely, but..you know! I see no great future for GL and that makes me very sad- not only because you are leaving but for many other reasons. My only hope is that Beth E. follows you- please god! Will certainly tune into AMC and check you out. Just wish it was ATWT because I always thought you and Michael Park would be fantastic in scenes( not to mention Maura West) Best wishes man and I'll see you in Pine Valley.
-Chris kelly

AnnieG said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. I bet GL is hating the irate phone calls and letters they've been getting for weeks now. Their audience isn't stupid. We knew exactly what was going to happen, and you didn't have to tell us a thing (which you didn't, of course.) That's how predictable the show has become. They'll miss you, make no mistake. You were their biggest cheerleader. My next hope is that Beth finds a new home at AMC, as well! Then I can turn off GL for good.

Sorry to vent, but we look forward to seeing you on AMC and your interview with the magazine!


lynel said...

cool Arizona. I have family in Kingman and Phoenix, nice place,been there a couple times, especially when i lived out in Las Vegas.sunblock would of been a good idea, I got burnt fairly bad myself last time i was out there, my daughter was well protected. should do what i did to get off a mountain , back then i had a mountain biek with me , lol, basically fly down then, was kind of scarey but exciting, lol.

I knew what was going to happen to you when you as you left Gl, and i am blonde, lol. thats all hopefully you can get gus out of your head, not sure if i will!!

Have a Happy Easter, already know my kids have too much candy waiting for them, bad for a hyper red head!!

Well take care,

lynel said...

you should go on dancing with the stars, i love that show, lol..


chris said...

Q- Just curious if you read the comments here? The more I think about it the angrier I am about the treatment of GL in general. ABC/Disney does seem tosupport their soaps though-promote them-believe in them-I would guess pretty soon they will be the last on the air. Again-wish you the best and hope BE and KZ follow your lead.
Regards- Chris K

Chaysia said...


Thanks again for keeping the fans in the loop. You really know what it means to be an actor and to appreciate those who support and love you. I have been a loyal GL fan since I was 4 or 5 and I too am having a hard time watching it these days with the new production model and now Gus leaving. As far as AMC goes I have never watched any other show but what was on CBS, it was a tradition with my grandmother. It is really the only way I have stayed connected with her since her passing, especially since I have no close family near me. However, sometimes you have to start new traditions. I am still holding out hope that GL execs will pull their heads out of their a** and bring back the show that their fans know and love. Thanks for your emails and your recent letter with photograph (I know you sent out a lot of them) and it made my husband sort of jealous =). As long as I have been a fan of GL I have never received anything from the show or any of the actors unsolicted. You will always be in my heart and you will always be "Gus" to me. Although I can't wait to see how you change as an actor when you take on this new role. Good Luck and keep in touch.

Else said...

Gus In The Wind

Song parody of Kansas' Dust in the wind.

Springfield's reaction to Gus' Death

I reach out my hand only to touch yours but now it's too late.

This unforeseen tragedy is too much to take

But remember Gus is in the wind We all can feel Gus in the wind.

Remember his sly smile

All our tear drops form an endless river

We hear his voice in the air and we slightly shiver

We want to hang on but nothing lasts forever.

We must let our friend wander on and on and on and on.......

Maybe we'll find him in another town

I think I'll just move one to Pine Valley

Now I'll stop because this poem's too silly.

lynel said...

Else, I myself thing that poem is cute!

Else said...

Hey thanks

Nicole said...

Great blog. I'm really having a hard time with you leaving the show- but I don't blame you at all and wish you all the happiness in the world? Who wants to work somewhere where they feel unappreciated or undervalued? I'm glad you are going to get the respect you deserve.
I am bummed- I never got to ride on the "Gus Bus!"
You know, my husband loves you, too- he started watching with me after you came on.
You are an awesome actor- I don't know about watching AMC but I am definitely more likely now that you are over there.