Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forgive me...

Hello, yeah it's me. I apologize for not writing sooner. It is a mad mad mad mad world, a crazy time. We've been waiting for the story to kick in and I think it's finally upon us. I really do feel it's a wonderful creative group of people that I find myself in the middle of. Partly because I have gotten acclimated to the character, but I feel a certain comfort creeping in. I think mostly it's just stepping out onto that set almost every day with the new material, the new writers and my new character.

You have to understand that it's like getting adopted into a new family and already some of the cast members are changing. I was sorry to see Amanda (Babe) leave, because I think she's quite a good actress and not typically daytime. But I do believe you will see her again very soon. And I will be sad to see Rebecca Budig leave, because I was looking forward to a possible Jake-Greenlee story.

But instead of reflecting, let's talk about the newest cast members. JR who plays Brot Monroe is a real life Iraq veteran and a hell of a great guy. Spiritually we could all learn something from this gentleman. Being burned over 40% of your body might lead some to feel like their life has stopped and their master plan destroyed but this guy has risen above it and does motivational speaking across the country, has landed himself a gig on a national television show playing what, an Iraq war vet and is actually bringing it to the table when it comes to performance. This type of human being, this type of spirit makes me want to be a better person and I feel honored to have met him and now have him in my life.

Changing subjects, let's take a poll. or rather, let's hear your ideas when it comes to the soundtrack of All My Children. If you could hear any type of music for any couple on the show, what couple would it be and what music or band would you choose? Right now, for Jake and Taylor, in my mind at least, I'm going through my Snow Patrol and 'The Fray' period, but I'd love to know what you think.

I've decided that Jake Martin is going to stay in town for a while. So I'm going to have him take off his pants and black t-shirt under the scrubs and dress like a normal doctor. I'm done with trying to funk it up. I think the end result just looks stupid. Opinions??? Hello is this thing on??? Anybody??? If there's a piece of jewelry you want me to wear, send it into the show, it doesn't have to be expensive, I'll try to wear it for you. Also, we're about to set up a fan event for the week that AMC throws their fan club event, but I'd like to make it exciting for all that attend. If you're not familiar, when I was over at CBS, we did a big event every year, on a bus, or even a yacht. Next thing I was going to do was charter an airplane for a mystery flight but before we set it stone, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

How are you liking the beginnings of this Jake and Taylor storyline? I promise you I do read the responses because ultimately you are the end user so to speak. And I want to see you happy.

Changing subjects, last month, I went to sing with the Bradley Cole band and had a blast. A lot of the Guiding Light cast and crew was there. Although I have my favorites, I do believe there were several people there that were not thrilled to see me. Because I left the show when I did, perhaps fingers can be pointed or I can be blamed at least in part for whatever Guiding Light's fate will be. Or perhaps it's because when I hosted the red carpet for the Emmys for ABC, I interviewed several members of the Guiding Light cast and foolishly said it was the "little show that could". When you are hosting a live show, you are under a certain amount of pressure, with an ear piece in your ear, and producers barking out commands. but let me go on record as saying that I did not mean that to hurt any body's feelings or slam the show in any way. I love that show, it was a huge part of my life. As long as was there, CBS was very good to me. I would like to think that I gave that show some of the best years of my life. And not for nothing, the story of "The Little Engine that could" was an inspirational story, one of hope and desire and strength to move forward against any and all obstacles. It's not a secret that the show is struggling along with most of the other daytime shows. But again if I offended, I apologize.

I'll shut up now. Thank you for your continued support. And I'll check in again before Thanksgiving. I have a lot to say about Super Soap weekend, so stay tuned!

All my love,

PS Please write me with your ideas!!!

Ricky Paull Goldin
All My Children
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Mary said...

Hi! Glad to see you're back blogging again. I also love to read that you seem to be genuinely interested in hearing your fan's opinions and I think that is awesome. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I was able to ween myself off soaps after your departure from Guiding Light, so I personally have no opinions to offer for your show, but I do appreciate that you listen to those who do.

The Baldwins said...

Thanks for writing. As for your "wardrobe". I honestly like the black tee look. As a GL fan, I began watching All my Children to keep up with you and Beth and the black shirt makes me feel like Gus is still around, even if you are Jake now. GL is def. suffering since you and many other cast members left. It makes me sad to see the show I've watched since childhood go downhill. I hope they can pull it together and make it work.

Snow Patrol and the Fray are what come to my mind too for Jake and Taylor's love story. I wish the writers would give you some time before Taylor's old Fiance throws a loop into things. I hate that soaps do that.

Anyway, hope all is well. I'm enjoying AMC but hope one day you come back to Springfield, even if it's only for a little bit. Take Care!

Monica said...

I never watched GL, just AMC. I really like your take on Jake (best of the three Jake's so far).

Hope Jake and David mix it up some, the snark will be great:D Really enjoy you and MEK together, too... how much of that is ad libbed?

Not sure about jake/taylor... I feel like it's a bit rushed, but the chem is definately there. Hope Taylor keeps her edge. I like that she's not the typical soap female.

I also wish we could have had some Jake/Greenlee... sad that RB is leaving!

Carol said...

Hey Ricky!

It was great meeting you at SSW! I was there with my Mom and you spent so much time talking to us both at your signing on Sunday! I'm the person who asked if you were from NY and learned you're originally from England - how cool! :-)

I also never watched any soap but AMC, and I love you as Jake! I also think you look great in the black and don't mind that at all. I love that you care so much about your fans and what we all think, and I'd love to do something special like than when you're in NY - I'll even make the trip there for that if I can!

Thanks for blogging with us!

Debbie said...

It was great to hear from you again, Ricky. Your blog is always fun to read. You asked a whole lot of questions, so here come some answers.

The Jake and Taylor story is doing just fine although the pacing seems a little choppy. The slow burn is always better, IMO, and that's something that we know you and Beth can do and do pretty well!!! I'm enjoying JR as Brot but wonder where that part of the story will be going.

As to Jake, I know a lot of us would dearly love to see Jake's time in Africa explored....having his wife run off with a truck driver was, to me, rather a let down. Having Carolyn dead and Jake trying to handle that would have been so much more satisfying as story for all....but it is what it is. Hopefully, we will see something evolve later about Jake's 'out of Africa' years.

As to what Jake wears....scrubs is good, black is good, whatever is good....I favor little or no jewelry personally but I think it's adorable that you want to wear something sent in...so we'll keep our eyes out for it.....by the way, just how many Connie Hansen's do you know??? Those of us who remember Gus and Harley were ticked pink to hear her name...she gets around!!

Music wise - Snow Patrol is fine. I'm less into The Fray, really like Coldplay and also Five For Fighting....a couple of his songs would work well with Jake and Taylor. There's a female artist that I enjoy a lot - Brandi Carlile - she's also worth a listen.

Really looking forward to Jake and David butting heads....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again for keeping in touch with us.

With love,


Nicole said...

Okay- so you did it. After years of refusing to watch anything on GL- I'm hooked on AMC!

I'm definitely enjoying the Jake and Taylor storyline- I was a big Gus and Harley fan, but you aren't playing the same characters. I wasn't sure how I'd take to that, but you are both so talented and I now BELIEVE your new identities. I do agree with the "slow burn" thing- but not too slow! :)

I like how you dress on AMC- you are a doctor, but you're outside the box! Actually, my son's pediatrician came in to greet him after his birth dressed casually in jeans, etc- and I liked it!

You know- I saw comments on GL message boards regarding your statements on the awards show. When I saw the clips I thought they were being ridiculous. You clearly weren't trying to be insulting.

If anything has taken the show down, it is TPTB's heavy handed approach with cast members and just kicking them to the curb rather than being fair in negotiating contracts. And they don't learn from mistakes! You'd think that after what happened to GL after they killed off Ellen Parker they would have learned something.

angel said...

Hi Ricky! Thanks so much for blogging for us! Your stories are sooo much fun to read!!

I'm enjoying you so much on AMC as Jake. As a Jake lover from his very first incarnation back in 1996, I can honestly say that I don't even remember the other Jakes now that you've taken over the role! You've fit so seamlessly into the cast and have chemistry with everyone!

I LOVE your scenes with MEK (I've often wondered how much is written and how much is adlibbed). You guys play off of each other so well!

I'm disappointed that Rebecca is leaving because Jake and Greenlee have so much chemistry and your scenes have been a joy to watch.

I'm also really loving your recent scenes with Taylor. Those "telenovella" scenes were hysterical. I do see the chemistry between Jake and Taylor and I can feel these characters getting more and more comfortable with each other each time you and Beth are on screen.

I just don't want to see the relationship between Jake and Taylor rushed! The best part of any soap romance is the slow burn and all of the soapy angst that goes along with it. I'm looking forward to how Brot shakes things up. JR is doing a great job! I can't believe he's never acted before. I also hope they cast Carolyn to shake things up some more.

Thanks so much for all you do!
BTW, you look GREAT in the blue scrubs!

I'm looking forward to more scenes with Jake and Dr. Hayward. I love that the writers remembered this rivalry!

Thanks so much for all you do for the fans! I'm anxious to hear your take on SSW!

Kathy said...

Hi Ricky,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts again through your blog. I really appreciate your stories and updates.

As far as your questions, the only time I have questioned the black t-shirt and black pants were when Jake was shown out jogging. I do miss seeing you in a dress shirt every now and then. As far as music goes, I have been hooked on Snow Patrol since you sung, "Chasing Cars" at GL weekend 2007. I also like The Fray but my favorite band is Daughtry so I would like to see some of their songs used.

I have been sad to see your story develop so slowly but I am hoping patience pays off. I do enjoy AMC much more than I have any soap for years. I am enjoying seeing you and Beth work together and trying to guess when you are ad libbing.

Thanks for the wonderful Brunch that you and Beth had during GL weekend. It was even better than I expected. As far as anything else, people will be people and it was really a treat for me that you showed up during Bradley Cole's concert.

As far as next year during AMC weekend...I am good with any kind of event you want to have. I just hope I have the funds to make it to NYC.

I hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love from your NC fan,

Shannon said...

Hi, Ricky! Thrilled to see a new blog and since this is the first time I've posted back (I'm shy at heart) I have to take this opportunity to say how much I really like your version of Jake Martin. You've really made him your own and now Jake and Zach are my two favorite characters on the show! You are doing great work.

Now that said (and I'll probably get blasted here) I can't seem to get into the Jake and Taylor storyline. Maybe it was because I was expected to like it before it even happened. I don't know but whatever it is I can't seem to connect with Taylor. Maybe it's just because I'm a big fan of Amanda and I think Jake and Amanda weave more history into the current fabric of AMC and that bring a little extra something-something to the table. Couple that with the fantastic chemistry you and Chrishell seem to share and it's magic.

As for the wardrobe, Jake looks good in anything. I'm not picky.

And soundtracks? The only couple on there that I really, really love is Zach and Kendall. The song "Everything" by Lifehouse is the Zendall soundtrack song for me.

Debbie said...

Hey Ricky !
Sorry to say I missed the Event in Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, my daughter had to be grounded and when that happens it means for me too. My life is her life. :)

We had written to you 3 times in the past 6 or so months in hopes of a autograph photo and had not yet to receive one. :( I hope you are receiving all your mail. I guess we will have to just keep on writing and keep our fingers crossed. LOL

I would like to see Jake do some detective work and go after Dr.Hayward. I would also like to see more scenes with Kendall, Zach and Jake .
I am not crazy about Jake and Taylor together. I am not sure who would be good for Jake. I still think Jake being single is a better option right now.

Thank you for keeping in touch with us. As always you are a charm. :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Toni Blake said...

This is my first time to your blog - I'm a lifelong AMC fan and have loved the new life you've breathed into Jake.

In all honesty, I sometimes get a bit disappointed in some of the storylines, but I feel the Jake/Taylor story is one of the best things AMC has had going for awhile. Love your portrayal of Jake. He nor Taylor feel like typical soap characters - and that rocks.

Anyhoo, I'm FOR the black tee, but I'd like to see some blue jeans please : ) Since you asked ; ) And I wouldn't be opposed to some button down shirts. The scrubs are fine, too - seem realistic. Also really liked the coat and scarf a few days ago in the scene at the boathouse.

And I'm digging your musical selections for the storyline as well. I'm a romance novelist and I use music in a lot of scenes as a backdrop. AND I'm sure my lifelong love of AMC taught me a lot about storytelling and dialogue ; )

Anyway, as others have said, very cool that you blog and read the comments : ) And I hope you'll be on AMC a long while - you're a very welcome addition!

Julie said...

Hi Ricky!
It is great hearing from an actor who is so genuine and honest! I appreciate getting the real story from your perspective without the usual BS that the fans get. Thanks for that!

I love your idea about chartering a plane! I like that you want the fans to have fun at your events! I am definitely in on that! Are we talking about August 2009? Do it for sure! If it's just me and you, so be it!

I have noticed that you are not wearing the black anymore with your scrubs. I wouldn't say you looked stupid but I do think you look better without it. It's nice to hear your thought process on the character though! I'm looking for some bling for Dr. Jake to wear too.

I am enjoying the Jake and Taylor story line. I like that they challenge each other but also have those sweet moments.

I have been a long time Jake fan and you are definitely the favorite. Keep up the good work! BTW, you should do an event in Chicago. And bring Cam!

Kate said...

Hey, Ricky! So glad you finally updated your blog again! I always enjoy reading your entries. You're always so funny.

Yeah, amazing how quickly the cast changes, huh? I'm not sad that Amanda Baker is gone because she was never Babe to me. But I am sad that Rebecca Budig is leaving. She had such crappy story for being back just one year. I'm disappointed that there won't be a Jake/Greenlee story/pairing. You and Rebecca have so much chemistry. It would be great to see Jake torn between Greenlee and Taylor.

JR is an amazing person. Having seen a few interviews with him, we definitely can all learn from him. He's inspirational, and he's not a bad actor. It would be nice to see Brot stay on the show, but I don't see a place for him other than with Taylor.

Hmmm...music... That's tough. I'm starting to like The Fray more & more. "Over My Head" was used on GL during one of those closing montages (in which Gus & Harley had an extremely hot love scene, hehe). As far as music for the show... I can only pick Jake/Taylor songs because that's the couple I like most. For a while there "Vulnerable" by Vanessa Hudgens worked for them. It suited the time before Taylor started her physical therapy. Two more songs that make me think of them are "I Could Fall In Love" by Selena and "If You Want Me To" by Kyler England. "Collide" by Howie Day worked for their jogging episodes. As far as Jake & Taylor's current situation, I haven't discovered any music...yet.

I am so glad that Jake will be looking more like a doctor. Yes, lose the pants and the t-shirt. Lose everything and just have a stethoscope around your neck, LOL! That would be a sight for sore eyes, hehe! But seriously, I've been missing the lab coat. And I do LOVE seeing the stethoscope around your neck. And I LOVE the blue scrubs. You look so good in them.

About your future AMC event... I don't really care what you do. I'm just glad you're doing an event! I'm sad that I never went to your harbor cruises, but I'm relieved that I'll have the opportunity next year to attend whatever you have scheduled.

The biggest complaint I have about the Jake/Taylor story is how choppy it's been. There's a lot of discontinuity. Some scenes, just as they're getting good, they cut off. Sometimes it seems like there are missing scenes or not enough of Jake and Taylor in an episode. It's like there are gaps in the story. How is it that Jake has fallen in love so easily? And what about Taylor does Jake love? Why does Jake love Taylor? I'm finding Taylor more believable. As she grew closer to Jake, she still wasn't over Brot. And now that Brot is back, I hope that the Jake/Taylor relationship slows down a bit. I want to see them long for each other and hear what they love about each other. Also, I hope that both Jake and Taylor interact more with other key characters (like Adam, Erica, Tad, etc). They need to get more rooted into the show. Taylor especially does since she's a brand new person.

I can't believe that people were offended by your "little engine that could" comment. I know you were not being hurtful at all. You were showing your love for GL. And I agree, it is the little show that could. It's struggling, but it's still alive with all it's production and casting changes. It's still around. Even though I don't watch it anymore, that doesn't mean I want it to fail. I want it to be around for 70 more years, if that's possible. And I'm sure you feel the same way. You don't want it to fail either, and you still love & appreciate it. Your years there were wonderful. You wouldn't speak badly about it.

It's now after Thanksgiving. I hope to hear about Super Soap. It'd be nice to hear more about the GL fan weekend. You pretty much planned the GusH Brunch with us. I'd be nice to hear your perspective of it. I was there, and you can read my recap here: http://gharleyfanboard.yuku.com/topic/4290

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a very Merry Christmas with your family & friends!

Love you!! :)

Kate said...

Oh, I also have to add...

Don't lost the black t-shirt altogether. You look so hot in it, and it's like having a piece of Gus on AMC. I know I smiled the first time that t-shirt appeared. It's like you brought it over from GL. :)

jlfletch said...

Ricky Paull Goldin,

Thank you for an inspiring portrayal of a character whose integrity digs deeper than the majority of the hot-hunk-babe icons which drive soap ratings. The introduction of Jake Martin instigated what I hope to be a slightly more realistic approach to the story lines- aka.. the possibility of attractive guy falling in love with a 'plain' soldier girl (although, Taylor cleans up extremely well) and there after evolving into the Brot story line (yes, JR is a brilliant addition to the show!)

I have had many comments and ideas building over the general state of AMC, but shall snail-mail them as to not bore my fellow blogging fans.

Ricky Paull Goldin, big kudos to you for sinking your teeth into Jake Martin and turning our heads in a breath of fresh air in what has become a string of stale, unrealistic, and sorely predictable plot lines.

As far as wardrobe? I don't think war-scrubbed Jake needs to worry so much about his duds.

And soundtrack? From a hack musician (me) to the professional (you) ... Sing us a song, man, just sing.


sheila said...

Hi there. I think blogging is a very classy thing to do and good pr. Your character Jake needs to
hurry up his relationship with Taylor for us seniors; at this pace
we will be on social security before anything happens.

Keep up the good work anyway.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Ricky!

Ali Gator said...

I'm partial to female singers and I adore Brandi Carlile, excellent choice a fan mentioned here. Other singers: Sia, Kristy Thirsk, Thea Gilmore, Vienna Teng, Over The Rhine, Anna Ternheim, Hem.

I, too, am worried about the future of soaps. They are such a part of our cultural history and they introduce the world to a boat load of talent we would otherwise not get to experience.

I've always loved Budig, she was my favorite Michelle Bauer over at GL, a beautiful woman.

mysticgal said...

I can't believe I haven't seen this blog entry before now. Thanks for the update.

I sorta liked the black t-shirt under the blue scrubs. But I do like your hair better when it is shorter and it looks more doctor-like.

I liked Jake with Amanda a lot more than Jake and Taylor, and that surprised me, but it is true. Taylor was too rude and abusive for my taste. Jake and Amanda were hot, sexy, cute and fun.

I hope that somehow it turns out that Jake is the father of Amanda's baby. That would be cool and full of AMC history.

Love your work as Jake and thanks so much for taking the time to stay in touch with your fans!

chris said...

Hey Ricky-
have been missing your blogs- I don't watch AMC all the time but the other day I turned it on and noiticed you were dressed more loke a regular Doc and thought it made a lot more sense. I'll try to check it out on a more regular basis.
It tough man- I have watched GL since I was a little boy. If I missed an episode my Mother and Bro would act it out for me the next dayI'm busy with my theater company and school so cant always check it out but...its hard to see sometimes. Hoping that Grant returning will give a much needed shot in the arm. In reality it all comes down to the writing. I hope your old GL buds/ co workers get that red carpet is a fly by the seat of your pants thing. Oh- and would lovbe to hear your thoughts on the blossoming relationship btwn Olivia and natalia??? Would love to see Beth blog with you some time. Miss the hell out of you guys.
Chris Kelly

TheMom said...

Happy New Year, Ricky. I was watching AMC today, and noticed what looked like a very distinct line surrounding your irises, making it look as though you were wearing contact lenses that whitened an area beyond the iris (I hope that makes sense). Do you wear contact lenses, and if so, are they designed to whiten the whites of your eyes around the iris?