Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks and an Invite!

Hello everyone...To all of those who sent me flowers, balloons, and chocolate, trust me when I tell you it's not wasted on me. I shared it all with the cast, and it's always a big hit.

It's so funny when I hear people using blogs, with a negative tone. I try to use the principle that my mother taught me when I was five years old, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You know who you are! Ok, so here we go. Since I last reached out to you, so much has happened. I had to do something that is very rare in daytime, but one day will be the norm. ABC flew a small group of us out to Hollywood, for what I might consider one of the most exciting experiences I've had in a long time when it comes to show business. They did this one other time on our sister show, General Hospital, but never to this magnitude. I'm talking about a tremendous green screen action adventure sequence. I've been in this business since I was three years old, and have never gotten to do a stunt like this before. And when it comes to daytime television, no show or television network has ever put in this amount of time, money, and effort into an action sequence like this. I can't tell you everything, but what I can tell you is that it involves a huge shootout and helicopters, all on top of a skyscraper. I mean honestly, I've never seen anything like it, and I'm very excited for you all to see it.

By the way, have you been watching the show? I know some of you who I've heard from are watching the show, but I'm curious about the rest of you. I am also dying to hear your comments and storyline ideas. You'd be surprised, I do read them, and every now and then, somebody has an amazing idea that will make me march downstairs to the producers. And in my own way, let your ideas be heard.

I will tell you this, I've really loved working with this cast. I now understand someone like David Canary's success. First of all, he's a great guy. Charming, funny, witty...but the thing that impressed me the most is how committed he gets in a scene. He is so fully engaged and present, that in one scene, when he was playing Stuart (the more gentle easy simple minded twin), while we were all sitting around, Adam's name came up and the characters were nervous that Adam was going to show up in the room and I actually started looking around to see if he was coming, forgetting that there's only one actor. My point is, when David walks on set as Stuart, he is Stuart, and believe me when he walks on set as Adam, he is no doubt Adam. He is kinder to the cast and crew when Stuart and more devilish when he's Adam. I think this is as close to method acting as a daytime actor can get. I'd like to give him the RPG Performer of the Month Award.

For all you ladies out there, I did my first scenes with Cameron Mathison last night. And yes he is a sweetheart and a very giving scene partner. I want to give him a shout out, because I had all this hospital medical jargon to spew, but I f****d up a few times, thank you for putting up with my cursing in between takes! Let me tell you something people, playing a doctor but doing it well, ain't easy. I'm actually going to silo some doctors through the ER as part of my research and due diligence on this character. One thing I can't stand is for any of that stuff to look or sound fake. My job just got ten times harder.

Last but not least, I spoke to Beth Ehlers last night and we have agreed to have one final bash as Gus and Harley. It will be a goodbye party for all of you, our friends, family, and loved ones. Val had the wonderful idea of having a greek theme, so the entire Cooper family will be there ( I will personally make sure of it ). We will break plates, have tons of Greek salad, wine, baklava, and fabulous Greek music. Maybe I'll even get Beth to sing a song. So it would mean the world to us to see you there. Because for that one last afternoon, we will be Gus and Harley. I would love to see you there, please check my website and the magazines for the upcoming details. For your convenience, it will be during the Guiding Light fan club weekend. And for those of you who get seasick, don't worry it won't be on a boat. It will be in the Times Square area of the greatest city in the world, New York City. Val says to book early because we expect it to sell out quickly.

All my love,


Heather said...

Sounds like AMC is going to be very exciting soon! I've had problems really getting into the show but I am trying and I think you are only making the show better.

Kim said...

hey Ricky
I just started watching AMC when you left guiding light. I too ko me a little bit to get in to it bu now I really like it and so dose my 3 year old son. he yelled at me for turning it off when it was recording and told me to turn it back on and he sat down and finished watching it.I think you are doing an fantastic job!

I heard that Beth Ehlers is also joining the cast os AMC can you tell me if there is any truth to this. I Think it would be great to see you two back together on the same show again.

Heather said...

So glad you enjoyed the welcome gift. We were all so excited to do something nice for you!

I'm slowly but surely getting into AMC. I really only sit still for your storyline, honestly. I'm sure the rest will get me eventually.

It is great to hear how happy you are. You are doing a wonderful job and I hope this is just the beginning of a long, happy journey for you.

Allyson said...

Hey Ricky!

I've started watching AMC when I can and I actually really like it. Its been interesting getting into a show that is totally new to me, but I'm enjoying it! I have to admit that even thought I know your character is Jake, I still think of you as Gus. I guess it will take some getting used to, but I am getting there! And I have to agree with Heather, you are definitely making the show better! I have to laugh about you trying to get that medical jargon right. I can't imagine trying to pronounce all of that stuff! I bet before long you will be spewing out medical jargon like its nobody's business! :)

Ok, I am totally excited about the GusH event! Its so awesome of you and Beth to do this for the fans! I will so be there! Just get us all the details as soon as you can!

And can I say I am beyond excited that Beth is coming to AMC! I knew all along that once you left, Beth wouldn't be far behind. And now you guys will be together again! This summer on AMC is going to be awesome! :)

Allyson :)

Susan S said...

Hey Ricky,
I am so glad you are doing an event during the GL weekend. It just would not be the same with out you. Please don't do it at the same time as any other event. As soon as tickets go on sale for yours I will be buying some.
I have had the chance to see a couple of the epiodes of AMC that you have been in, I really enjoyed watching.
I can't wait to see you and everyone for the GL weekend. Have a great weekend.

funtangirls said...

So glad to hear there'll be a Gus & Harley Goodbye Party - one last Grand Finale!
Thank you Ricky. Thank you.

As for AMC, I'll just say....yes, I'm watching and you're doing GREAT! Fantastic as always....then I'll follow your mom's advice..... for now....Sorry - I'm trying - I really am. :o

Oh, and the medical jargon gets easier - trust me. ;)

nikkiliz said...

I honestly LOVE AMC, it has become my first watch when I get home at night. I've heard the BE rumors of joining you on AMC...... OMG! I would flip! that would be fantastic! It's not like they are using Harley to her potential right now! BE is so amazing! I also wanted to add that I am so happy to see the RPG character coming out in Jake Martin. You add SO much to your characters, that's why I had to follow you to AMC :) Great job Ricky! I couldn't be happier with our new home in Pine Valley!

Kathy said...

I am truly enjoying AMC. It reminds me of the way soaps used to be. I never thought I would watch a soap not on CBS and to be honest I never would have given it a fair chance if you had not moved over there. So I think it's turning out to be a good thing.

I love your storyline and can't wait to see the big scene you went to LA to film. That sounds like the kind of thing you have been wanting to do.

I will be anxiously waiting for September and the Gus and Harley party. I think it's really nice that you and Beth are doing this.

Take care and I am so glad that you are happy!!!

petoola said...

I gotta say I am just loving you as Jake. Your scenes with Michael are so natural, you two work very well togther. Jake's scene's with Frankie the other day really got to me. You are really gaining a lot of fans right off the bat. AMC is really giving you some great material to work with. Awesome!

I can't wait until you can talk with us about Beth. The rumors all sound very exciting to me. I'm really enjoying so much about AMC, I'm hooked. Having her join the cast would just be icing on the cake. :)


dustybird2 said...
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dustybird2 said...

Hello, This is the first show I have seen you in and I am enjoying your portrayal of Jake so far. My favorite characters have always been the tortured souls and anti-heroes. I think that go for all women kind. Good luck Juliette

Shanna said...


I gotta say I love you as Jake.

I'm so happy that you are happy; that you are once again able to sink into a storyline where you can let your character shine. I can't wait to see where you'll take Jake on this roller coaster ride of his emotions with this secret he's keeping.

It is so great to know that you and Beth E will be working together again.

Glad to know you guys will be doing an event at the Gathering.

Take Care,

Shanna :)

Anonymous said...

I watched GL for 13 years and loved your character. I was disappointed with the show's changes, so when you left, I pretty much stopped watching (only to tune in for the Harley scenes from time to time).

I switched over to AMC on your first air date and found that the storylines and characters were easy to follow. I'm thankful to see a "familiar face" and think you're doing a fantastic job.

I recently found out that Beth Ehlers is departing GL and will be joining the AMC family. The possibility of your characters "reuniting" is mind boggling! I can't wait to see the both of you together again on the same screen .

I'm happy I made the switch from GL to AMC when you joined the cast! Blessings and continued success for you!

chris said...

Well,if the good word from themags is true and Beth is really coming to AMC..what can I say but pine valley here I come! Hate to see all that has happened to my beloved GL,but timeto move on.Have caught AMC a couple times...just may need some kind of tutalage if I am going to start watching in earnest.Really overn the moon about this and hope you can give us some info real soon! Take care man!
-Chris Kelly

Debbie said...

Hi Ricky
Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. Whats really special about you finding that time is that we are getting to know you personally. I have to say what I love most about you is your honesty and your great sense of humor.
My daughter sent you a letter and picture sometime in April. I hope you received . I sent it to the AMC address 320 W 66th ST. Jessica was hoping that you would send her another picture to add to her collection. :) If possible can you please somehow let me know if you received it.
Thank you

Sherri said...

Hi Ricky,
This is my first visit to your page, and would like to thank you for all of your time you take out of your busy schedule to write =] First of all, I have to say this...I MISS GUS!! Ok, got that outta my system!

Glad to hear you are doing well on AMC. I have been a faithful GL watcher since a little girl, so let me tell ya that when I hit "record" on my DVR for AMC, it was like I was! I will try and watch it though, because I loved you as an actor on GL and loved watching your career grow with that show. I know I am speaking for a lot of us when I say a big "Thank You" for keeping up with your fans =]

Today will be my first episode of AMC, so I will have to get back to you on that one once I watch it but I'm sure you're doing great! By the way, the new photo's look smokin' hot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky!

I was just wondering when/where we'll be able to purchase tickets to come see you and Beth in October?

cassie said...

Hey Ricky,

I just started watching AMC when you left Gl. I told myself Gl is going to be nothing without Gus Aitoro. I read this magazine and it said Beth Ehlers is joining the cast and is going to be Liza. I've also heard that Jake and Liza get together. When i read it, i made a fool of myself i was at walmart and i started jumping and cheering and im like i can't believe it!

I started reading more and it said A.C Mallet also leaves. It said look out for Beth Ehler's exit and another characters as well. When i got home i immediently got on the computer and looked it up and it said the other character is A.C Mallet. Also when i was on th computer i sneeked a peek at Ricky Paull Goldin pictures.

Did i mention i got promoted to go to middle school today. The whole time i was at the promotion, i kept looking at the time and seeing if AMC was starting. I got home in time and put my t.v really loud and watched the show.I made my mom watch it and she said she loves the character Jake Martin and she also said GL is going to suck without Gus Aitoro, Harley Cooper, and A.C Mallet. Can't wait until tomarrow bye.


petoola said...

I just had to write again after watching today's show. You were SO right about how exciting it was. I haven't squealed like a school girl like that for eons over a TV show. I can't beleive I was watching a soap opera. Bravo!!!!

jackie said...

Welcome Ricky to All My Children!
I have been watching All My
Children since 1988, and i have
to say that out of all the actors
to play the character of Dr. Jake
Martin, none of them have come
close to playing this roll. You
are by far the best! I have been
enjoying the scenes between you
and Michael E.Knight immensely.
You are doing an awesome and
fantastic job of playing Dr Jake
Martin. Keep up the great work
and i hope you like your stay in
pine valley!

Pamela Dolin said...

Hi Ricky!

First let me say that I have loved you since the day you came to Springfield. :D GL won't be the same without Gus and Harley.I've been watching GL since jr. high (early 80s),LOL (yeah ok, not quite older then dirt but you get the picture)-I will miss you on GL but to be honest, I was not happy with what they were doing to Gus and Harley...

I am thrilled to see you on AMC (Ive Only been watching AMC for the last two I wasnt really familiar with Jake Martin)
The great thing is that from day one you have been JAKE to me and not Gus. To be able to do that says alot for you as an actor and I'm so excited to hear that Beth will be joining you at AMC- awesome awesome awesome!
Sounds like you are having a blast. Goodluck, stay true to who you are... and keep bloggin!

Take Care,

april said...

hello ricky i'm so glad that you are on all my children, been a fan since i was 5 years old. i remember when amc was only a 45 minute show. anyways i am interested in seeing you in september.. should be interesting and i hope that they will let you and greenlee get back together because i think that you two will make a better couple then greenlee and aidan. Plus better looking>:) anyways much love to you and hope you have a lot of fun...

Much love and loads of hugs

Cherie said...

Are you for SERIOUS. Do you honestly think that I would follow YOU over to another soap. I am loyal to GL, unlike you and Beth. By the way you both made me sick at the awards. GL made you what you are today so show some respect you arrogant person. I will never watch AMC - YUCK!!!!!!

mysticgal said...

I love you as Jake on AMC. I loved you as Gus on GL and I loved you as Dean on AW. Guess I just love you! LOL

I also think that Jake and Greenlee would be great together and I hope tptb explore that to the fullest.

I am glad that you are so happy at AMC, you deserve it. And I appauld the way you've handled yourself with the press. It is too bad that GL couldn't see the treasure that they had in you while you were there.

God luck and I'll be watching!